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misery loves alcohol... I need to find a better coping strategy.

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The Premonition

All that chocolate pie had indeed put Melody to sleep, but it wasn’t so peaceful. Clutching her sore belly she kept having restless dream after restless dream. She would wake up for a few minute between each one unable to recall what she was dreaming about, until this one vivid dream finally got through and stuck in her subconscious…

In the dream, she lay in a large room, it looked like a laboratory. Lydian had her strapped to some kind of large platform. Leather bindings held her wrists and ankles firmly in place, her arms above her head and her legs spread wide apart. A brace was holding her head in place. She struggled against the restraints, she spoke but no sound came out of her mouth.

Lydian’s back was turned to her. He seemed to be fussing over some pieces of paper in an agitated manner. He wore a white lab coat that looked similar to the white apron he always wore when working in the kitchen. Suddenly he spun around,

“No! No! No!” he yelled angrily throwing the pieces of paper into the air, “This will not do! You’re just not fat enough!”

All of a sudden he was standing next to her holding a large tube. Melody’s eyes traced the tube back to a series of large clear cylindrical containers, all being stirred like giant milkshake machines.

“You’re just not eating enough!” he barked, “and it’s high time that I did something about it!”

He shoved the tube into Melody’s mouth and rubbed his hands together greedily, an evil sounding chuckle sent a shiver down her spine.

Just off to one side there appeared to be what looked like a huge plunger, a cylinder with a huge red handle poking out the top. The tubes all connected at its base.

Lydian grinned at her with a devious smile she’d never seen before as he placed his hands on the top of the plunger. Then he threw his body weight down on top of it with great force and it sank into the cylinder. Out of the tube at its base formed a large bulge which began traveling towards the end connected to her mouth. Melody squirmed as she watched unable to move her head or close her jaw. When it arrived she suddenly felt her mouth become injected with cheesecake! Delicious creamy cheesecake! The bulge pressed up against the opening at the lips and then forced its way down her throat. It was more than a meal, her stomach felt crammed, packed full to bursting almost instantly. Melody moaned from feeling quite overstuffed.

Lydian picked up the plunger and thrust it down again, another bulge formed and began moving up the tube. Melody’s eyes widened as it approached her face, squirming as it reached her wide open mouth. A flood of cheesecake filled her mouth, this time caramel flavoured, and began forcing its way into her full, full belly.

Melody closed her eyes expecting her stomach to hurt as it stretched but instead she felt a strange churning in her guts.

Lydian began to laugh ominously. Melody looked down and saw her big round fat form begin to stir. Her fat just appeared to quiver ever so slightly at first, but then her eyes widened as she realised she could see her fat rotund form gradually filling out, expanding more and more, right before her eyes. Her breasts swelled, her dome shaped stomach stuck out some more, her hips widened, arms and legs thickened, and her butt pushed out behind her raising her form a little higher off the platform to which she was bound.

“It’s time to pump you up piggy!” laughed Lydian with an unsettlingly manic expression on his face. He began pumping up and down on the plunger sending bulge after bulge travelling up the pipeline towards her.

Melody began to feel like an over inflated balloon as she blew up, and up, and up with every pump of Lydian’s hands. He pumped faster and faster, making Melody fatter and fatter at a frightening rate.

Her face swelled with fat, her arms inflated into huge soft cones of fat, her shoulders began to rise up and press against the sides of her head. Her soft sides inched out further and further, creaking, stretching, and her belly and butt inflated making her form appear rounder and rounder. More and more pumps, bigger and bigger she grew! Her thighs thickened until they were three meters wide in diameter! Her hands and feet were blowing up like round balls, her skin getting taught and full like an overinflated balloon doll. As each bulge entered her mouth a faint sound like creaking leather emanated from her body as it stretched to accommodate all that new fat!

“NOW you’re getting FAT!” laughed Lydian, stopping briefly to catch his breath.
Melody breathed a sigh of relief. She felt so huge! So heavy! So impossibly round and FAT! She felt like her poor body was creaking from the strain of holding in all her chub, she wasn’t sure she could hold much more.

But then Lydian put his hands back on the pump, “But YOU’RE STILL NOT FAT ENOUGH!” He cried out in frustrated anger and then began pumping plunger up and down even fast. Melody squirmed and squealed as the tube bulged and she began filling up once again, injected with a steady stream of cheesecake. Her body grew, but it’s expansions was sluggish, her blubber resisting the calories with a deep groaning sound, against the gurgling of her fat cells trying to expand inside her. She was getting too fat. The cheesecake was being injected into her with tremendous force, stretching her tightly packed stomach to forcibly make room for more. Her muffled cries for him to stop went ignored. She looked at him earnestly but he just glared back and pumped even harder. She couldn’t help but notice his HUGE erection, it seemed to be straining the front of his lab coat, a large tent had formed.

Melody couldn’t help herself, her huge thighs were starting to get slick with her own juices, she felt her own nipples harden, feeling extra stiff against her tightening skin. Her arms and legs were sticking straight out now forcing against the restraints until they eventually burst off with a loud snap. She tried to move but was packed so full and tight with fat she could barely make a fist with her hands let alone move her enormously heavy arms and legs. A few more pumps and she could barely even wiggle her little balloon-like fingers and toes at all!

She glanced sideways at Lydian and her eyes nearly bugged out of her head when she saw how huge his erection had grown. His huge appendage was straining his white lab coat sticking out from his body by at least a meter maybe more. She could see it growing in size with every pump his arms pulled down on the plunger. His arms were straining against the pressure of the plunger but he kept going, forcing Melody’s poor over fattened body to balloon bigger, and bigger, and bigger. The tautness and roundness of her body made her feel like she was being stretched to bursting point, feeling increasingly uneasy, rising up into the air as she was helplessly stuffed fatter and fatter.

Sweat dripped off Lydian’s brow as he relentlessly pumped and pumped. The pressure was growing more and more intense inside Melody’s body, her skin creaking louder and louder. She was becoming simply ginormous, mind bogglingly huge, just a completely round ball of fat, her conical shaped arms and legs, her round belly and breasts, her face was swollen and round, cheeks and chins were almost as wide as her shoulders used to be before they were buried under her blubber. Absolutely every part of her was bloated, tight and round, ready to burst, Melody felt like she could just explode with a bang at any second. The veins in Lydian’s face and hands strained as he tried to force the plunger down, his pace having slowed to a crawl, his muscles clearly fighting the pressure it now took to force another load of cheesecake into her mouth. He gave the plunger and extra strong pull and his arms slowly made their way down, sweat forming on his arms and knuckles. A terrifying creaking stretching sound filled the room. As the plunger finally reached the bottom Melody felt herself swell just a little more, her chins and cheeks squeezing against the tube as her face bloated up, even her lips felt plump and swollen. The brace around her head finally broke apart and clattered as it bounced down her fat belly and on to the floor. It certainly wasn’t needed to hold Melody in place anymore, she was more than pinned by tons of her own fat compressed inside her taut skin.

Lydian slowly raised the plunger above his head again, Melody shook her fat little head in a plea for him to stop but he pulled down with his entire body weight. It took all his strength, very, very slowly driving it downwards, forcing another load of cheesecake in to Melody, strawberry flavoured, cramming it forcefully into her constraining body.

Melody whimpered as she swelled and creaked, her fat body inching out a little more in every direction, there wasn’t a single inch of her that wasn’t grossly overinflated to ridiculously obscene proportions. Despite her fear she was finding the fact that she must be approaching the absolute limits of possible human fatness incredibly hot.

Lydian raised his arms up once again but found that he simply wasn’t strong enough to force another load into her overfull body. She was simply as fat as she could possible get. Melody froze, barely daring to breathe a sigh of relief, scared to take a deep breath in case she burst from the pressure.

The she heard Lydian laughing.

“Ooooh” he cried in a pleasurable way as a ripping sound came from his lab coat.

Melody looked down over her burgeoning rolls of cascading taught fat just in time to see Lydian’s erection bursting through his white lab coat. She began to sweat seeing the size of it. It was now longer than his legs and thicker than his torso! He leant back and let his gigantic boner rise into the air, resting it on top of the plunger’s handles. Then he chuckled as the weight of it began to very gradually push the plunger downwards. Two large horns formed on the top of his head as his erection grew bigger applied even more force to the plunger causing it to sink down a little quicker.

“MMMPH!” Melody whimpered as even more cheesecake began to push its way inside her. It truly felt as if every single one of her fat cells had reached absolutely maximum capacity. How much fatter could she possibly get? How many more calories until she burst like an overfilled balloon?

“MMMPH!!” she tried to scream as she swallowed another surge of cheesecake. The flow of cheesecake was speeding up. CREEEAAAAK GROOOAAAN GUUURRRGLE complained her poor belly.

Lydian began to laugh, his erection getting even bigger allowing it to push up and down on the plunger even more easily. He was now able to pump the plunger up and down with ease. White cum foamed at its tip and it just kept on growing, bigger and bigger, the fatter Melody got. Melody meanwhile felt herself become flooded with emotions as she realised he just wasn’t going to stop until she got too fat and burst! She’d never been so aroused or so scared. Every second she felt like she was on the verge of exploding, everything felt so tight, her skin creaking as yet more blubber filled her up without mercy.

Poor Melody, now way, WAY too fat, swelled so big her hips nearly spanned the width of the room, her thighs were big round tight walls of fat, her belly a huge wobbly fat dome that nearly reached the ceiling, her arms and hands fattened beyond being any use to her whatsoever. With final push down on the plunger a loud POP! gave Melody a fright, but it was only the tube finally popping out of the mouth. It sprayed cheesecake everywhere as it fell to the floor. Melody’s face was so fat and tight she couldn’t even move her lips to speak as her entire body continued to fatten all the cheesecake inside her continued to digest.

“WOW PIGGY! Hahaha! Now you’ve REALLY had too much to eat!” Lydian laughed sinisterly.

He lifted up his huge appendage up and walked around between Melody’s huge thighs that were now many times taller than him. His huge cock was still swelling and it fell out of his grasp, growing and growing until the tip began to push into Melody’s soft flab, lubricated with pre-cum, slowly sliding up between her thighs, pushing her wobbling slippery flesh out of the way, delving deeper and deeper into the depths of her blubber until it reached the lips of her hugely inflated pussy lips.

Melody gasped and began to moan, wetness spurting out of her as the tip of his huge penis penetrated her walls just a little. It was too big to go in any further. Then she felt him twitch and the motion against her most intimate area was enough to send her into a crashing orgasm. She felt like a tight round ball ready to explode, her skin creaked as Lydian’s cock inched it’s way inside her just a little deeper.

“You’re TOO FAT now piggy!” Lydian barked at her, “Far, far TOO FAT for your own good! This is what you get for always eating until you’re just an inch away from bursting,” he tutted his tongue.

And then he began to cum. Melody felt the vibration rush up his shaft between her thigh fat and then under the base of her belly up to her bulging fupa and then deep inside her. As he pumped away, her body protested loudly. Every inch of her flab, every roll, every jiggling handful seemed to be swelling more and more. Every pulse of his huge cock unloading inside seemed to be making her inflate even faster. Everything felt tight, Melody was so aware of every part of her immense form. Every single inch of fat from her huge round fat face down to the stubby tips of her sausage like fingers and toes was visibly inflating. Her belly wobbled as it pushed out more and more. Her cheeks were pushing against her mouth and lips so tightly she had to breathe through her nose.

“You enormous greedy porker!” Lydian laughed, “You’re stomach’s full of so many calories I don’t know if you’re going to have room to hold all their fat!”

Melody’s skin tingled, she gasped as her body groaned and tried to swell just a little fatter! But she was so tight there was just no room for any more fat to be contained within her! She just couldn’t hold any more! Her breasts began spraying milk into the air showing both of them in a sweet smelling white sticky liquid. She could smell the sugar in her milk so strongly. It smelt so sweet she bet it would have tasted like an exact combination of all the cheesecake flavours she’d been filled with. She felt another rush between her legs, a huge load of cum was on its way. Her body pushed outward, the walls began to crack from her weight against them, she screamed in orgasmic pleasure as her body creaked so loudly it was deafening. Fatter, and fatter, and fatter until…

Kaboom! … she exploded, waking up suddenly in fright.

And then she began to orgasm. Again and again. And again and again. She held her pillow over her head so as not to wake Lydian. She lost count of how many times she came before it was over.

Melody lay in bed sweaty, out of breath, her hand was inside her underwear. She could feel her blood pumping with exhilaration. She grinned and curled up against her lover as she drifted off to sleep once again, hoping she’d have another crazy dream.

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The Prince’s Obsession

The next few days were an intense period of talking, cuddling, and of course, eating. Melody was very quickly falling for Lydian, and Lydian was absolutely smitten, constantly complimenting Melody on her beauty and hanging on her every word as they got to know each other. When they weren’t talking Lydian was always busy in the kitchen preparing huge meals for Melody to enjoy. She was getting swept off her feet by his charm and the decadence in which he wanted her to live. She couldn’t resist, in less than two weeks Melody was already moving all her things into his mansion.

Then the gifts began. Melody found herself showered in gifts, new clothes, beautiful dresses that elegantly accentuated her fatness. Every decadent meal was a masterpiece. She let him stuff her beyond her wildest dreams, eating and eating and eating letting herself get lost in a blissful state of never ending gluttony. As time went on Melody enjoyed offering more and more feedback on his cooking, developing an increasingly critical palette, thoroughly enjoying that she was personally helping him in the quest for perfection. The flavours in his cooking became even more breathtaking, every bite acted like a reset switch triggering hungry rumbles deep within her sizeable belly. She was constantly amazed and aroused as she was filled to the brim with delicious cooking again and again. Their lovemaking was a celebration of her fatness. She would then sleep for long periods in the master bedroom, a gorgeous room always filled with extra snacks and treats just to make sure she always had something to eat on hand. Whenever they weren’t together, Lydian would be busy in the kitchen lovingly perfecting his next dish for her to try. It didn’t take long for the results of her constant overeating to start showing up. Melody was growing, and fast! She swore she could feel herself getting fatter every day and was loving every minute of it.

Over the few months Lydian and Melody had gotten to know each other better and better. They had also developed an almost-kind-of secret language. Melody’s mouth was rarely empty long enough for a decent conversation so she had resorted to learning to speak with her mouth full. To anyone else her words were almost unintelligibly muffled, but Lydian had subconsciously learned how to decipher what she was saying with such expert proficiency regardless of how much she had crammed into her mouth. He loved making her laugh with her mouth full, it would usually send a few crumbs of food flying, and the way she would flutter her eyes and say “Excuse me,” after any such sort of embarrassing event only made her seem even more adorable to him, and she knew it. They chatted constantly as she ate, and ate, with dull moments in the conversation being extremely rare.

Melody listened intently to his stories as she gorged, learning about Lydian’s past. He had explained that he came from a Royal family, once considered the unquestioned rulers of a great country, and that he was supposedly the sole heir to the throne. However due to a violent and bloody war consuming a neighbouring state, his father had moved the family out of their homeland and changed their identities to keep them safe back when Lydian was a mere infant. His father had been killed before his first birthday and his mother had absolutely refused to ever share any solid details regarding their true origins as per his father’s last known wishes. His mother had given him what he thought had been a relatively normal upbringing, only spoiling him with expensive gifts on the rarest of occasions, but he now admitted that he had his mother to thank for probably the best education money could buy. Developing a passion for science at a young age he’d been educated by some of the world’s greatest living minds on everything from microbiology to quantum mechanics. His mother had still sent him to a regular school though to ensure he received a proper social education. It was at school that he’d met his sweetheart, Alice, and it was through her that he began to realise how lucky he was.

Lydian was eighteen when his mother suddenly became very ill. It was a strange and troubling illness that no doctor could diagnose. On her deathbed, under large quantities of painkillers she once told Lydian she believed her illness was a family curse finally coming to claim her life for sins his father had committed when he was still alive. She made him promise to never go looking for the truth about their homeland, and to always keep his family origins a secret. When he told her he had confided what little he knew of his past to his sweetheart Alice, his mother became very upset and made him promise to marry her at once and to have a son right away or else the curse would claim him too. Neither Lydian nor Alice really believed in curses, but they decided to get married anyway as it seemed to bring his mother comfort in her final days. She passed away less than a week after the wedding, two days before his nineteenth birthday, at which point he found himself to be the sole inheritor of the family fortune.

Lydian could barely believe how mind-bogglingly rich his family had been. He and Alice barely knew what to do with so much money! At first Lydian had kept his true identity closely guarded as per his mother’s dying wishes, but over time he became days he was a little more relaxed, feeling like his family’s past was now safely behind him. He and Alice decided to wait before having kids, feeling they were both too young, and were having too much fun enjoying the lifestyle pleasures of being obscenely rich, dismissing his mother’s warning of a curse as a crazy delusion brought on by her illness.

What Lydian didn’t tell Melody was that more recently he’d started to wonder about his mother’s warning. From a very young age his mother had taught him not to ask questions about his father or his family’s origins, and he was never to refer to himself as a prince, that was only something that Alice had started. He’d always jokingly suspected that his ex-wife only started calling him her prince because she very much enjoyed referring to herself as a princess. This would certainly not have met his mother’s approval and he even had several strange dreams about his mother giving him a stern warning that Alice’s lack of caution could curse the both of them. Although at first Lydian never paid any credence to such nonsense, these days part of him had begun to wonder if his uncontrollable desires to obsessively feed and pleasure his ex-wife were somehow related, it was only after she started to think of herself as a princess that she began to worry about her weight, and whilst he’d always enjoyed cooking for and feeding his ex-wife, it was only after she started referring him as her prince that his love of food and cooking had become an obsession.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and Melody was having fun exploring Lydian’s mansion whilst he busied himself in the kitchen. She found the old building incredibly fascinating, much bigger than any hotel she’d ever seen, the rooms and hallways seemed almost endless. Room after room filled with strange and interesting items, antiques from a royal dynasty now long gone. The house itself had been the only tie to Lydian’s true past. He’d discovered that he owned it a few years after his mother’s death. Although when he and Alice had first gone to check it out it had been abandoned for several decades, they both fell strangely in love with the place and decided to restore the property to its former glory. Nowadays it was a marvel of modern architecture. Lydian had refurbished the entire ground floor and the main wing, which was now as comfortable as a luxurious penthouse suite complete with an indoor heated swimming pool, but many of the upper levels on the far eastern and western wings were still left as they were originally. Overall the majestic nature of the building’s construction was quite awe-inspiring. Melody could understand why Alice had started referring to herself as a princess. She basically lived in a castle fit for a queen!

Exploring the old building had become Melody’s new favourite past time. The other thing that amazed her was how the entire mansion was completely “fat friendly” with wide doorways, moving walkways, always an extra handrail or two for support. Everything was clearly designed for someone much fatter than she was currently. Melody still enjoyed using the walkways even though she was still easily capable of walking on her own, and particularly enjoyed the chair lifts that travelled up and down the central staircases. Hearing the motors groan as they shifted her weight from floor to floor turned her on so much. Wherever she went she found herself constantly imagining herself much, much bigger, wondering how much weight she’d have to gain before her hips would be wide enough to require an extra-large doorway made her breasts ache pleasantly with excitement.

On the second floor, many of the rooms seemed to contain strange and wondrous scientific experiments, with test tubes bubbling away or crops of genetically modified fruits & vegetables. Apparently Lydian had started working on all kinds of experiments on when he and Alice had separated, something to occupy his time and keep him sane he had said.

Melody was also fascinated to learn about Lydian’s love of science and technology. It almost matched his love of cooking, with him often referring to his kitchen as “the lab.” He considered cooking the artistic expression of chemistry pure and simple. The human body was a masterpiece of organic chemistry and he was convinced his desire to perfect flavour was at its heart related to the efficiency of energy transfer from edible matter into the body. He openly admitted his goal was to make his food both as delicious and as fattening as was scientifically possible. When Melody read some of his notes on appetite stimulants and additives to increase the efficiency of calorie absorption she found herself so turned on she couldn’t help but squish her belly so hard she nearly came right there and then.

In one of the rooms on the top floor, next to a mannequin torso and a full length dress mirror, Melody discovered a set of large old fashioned mechanical scales. She couldn’t resist standing on them. She watched excitedly as the counterweights shifted against her mass, a large red needle moved slowly from left to right across a white face plate with black text. It passed her old weight of 280 almost instantly, shooting up past 300, 320, 340 it continued to rise steadily. Melody held her breath in anticipation wondering how much fatter she’d gotten over the past few months, she felt her heart begin to race as the needle continued to slide further to the right reading higher and higher, past 360, 380, 400, its maximum. Melody’s chubby hands rose to her wide-open mouth in surprise as the needle became jammed firmly in the corner, the sound of creaking and groaning metal came from inside the scale as it protested against her mass.

“I’ve gained how much?!” she whispered to herself glancing over to her reflection in the large mirror. Her fat shapely thighs looked positively huge in her blue flowing yet figure hugging dress. She turned slightly, her thighs and rear end rolled in waves, her smooth round belly wobbled, sending more waves through her soft plump love handles, upon which rested her plump elbows. Her fat little knees were just visible under the bottom of the dress that had risen up to accommodate her balloon shaped figure. She felt herself become flushed, heat radiating between her thighs.

Suddenly the scale shuddered with a loud clang and the needle fell very rapidly back past zero becoming bent out of shape as the scale’s internal mechanisms appeared to rip themselves apart under her weight. The base of the scale suddenly dropped about two inches sending a large rippling wave across her blubbery fat from head to toe. Melody clutched her belly and breathed heavily, sweating, panting, her mouth open silently in a perfect ‘O’ shape. Her eyes sparkled as she recomposed herself, a little shocked from the spontaneity of quite a powerful orgasm even by her standards. She reached into her cleavage and took out one of Lydian’s cupcakes and popped it into her mouth whole, closing her eyes to savour the icing. She smiled as a delicious hint of citrus fruits danced across her tastebuds along with the soft buttery sweetness of the cake, simply divine. She waddled back downstairs knowing a feast would be awaiting her.

That evening, the two lovebirds sat in the lounge area watching TV together. Melody was gorging herself like there was no tomorrow from a very large bowl resting on her belly. Lydian sat snuggled up against her fat as he stroked her blonde hair, a dreamy look in his eyes. It had been a long tiring day in the kitchen. One of his culinary projects hadn’t quite worked out so in frustration he threw it all out and started again half way through. It was very rare these days that he made a mistake in the kitchen. He considered that he must remember to stop skipping so much sleep as he snuggled harder against Melody’s fat rolls, closing his eyes for a brief moment as he rested his head on her softness, enjoying the silky smoothness of her long hair as it trailed between his fingers.

“So I found a set of scales today,” Melody said with a grin though a mouthful of sinfully cheesy pasta.

Lydian raised his head and muted the TV with his free hand, continuing to stroke her hair with the other,

“Scales? Oh you’ve been exploring upstairs again. Well those old things aren’t going to be of much use. I wouldn’t have thought there was much point in trying them out, I can tell just by looking at you that you’re well past their capacity,” he poked her soft hip cheekily and gave her a kiss on the belly.

Melody added a smirk to her grin, “Oh, I wouldn’t say there was no point trying it out. They’re kind of broken now by the way, sorry,” she added with a cheeky giggle that stated clearly that she was not sorry at all. She glanced sideways at him as she sucked up a bunch of thick creamy strands of pasta. Her eyes conveyed her extreme arousal to him, letting him know exactly why she was not sorry without needing to elaborate.

Lydian sat up straight, “So breaking the scales… turned you on?”

Melody rolled her eyes, “Duh! And it did A LOT more than just turn me on. I can still barely believe I hadn’t noticed just how much fatter I’ve gotten. I mean I knew I’d put on a decent amount of weight but over one hundred pounds?!” her voice quivered with excitement.

Melody suddenly felt a rock hard erection poke into her soft side. She giggled and scooped the last of the thick creamy pasta into her mouth and put down the bowl.

“It’s a lot more than one hundred,” Lydian looked up and down as if to check that his facts were straight, “I’d say about one eighty, give or take ten pounds,” poking her juiciest fat roll with his index finger causing her to coo softly.

Melody grabbed Lydian’s hands and moved them on to her breasts, letting him feel how hard her nipples were beneath her bra. Then she lifted up the tight blue dress exposing her big round and now quite full belly. Lydian kissed her tummy gently at first but she took one of her chubby arms and smooshed his face hard into her soft belly fat. Lydian felt an endorphin rush, he could hear her stomach churning away, working its way through all his food as her fat squished up against his ears. He hoped she truly felt as nice and satisfied as her belly sounded but that relentless obsessive part of his mind, couldn’t help but wonder if she was still hungry. He sat up again suddenly like he just remembered something incredibly important,

“Wait a sec! Desert! A brand new style of pastry base and your favourite hazelnut chocolate filling! It’ll blow your mind I swear!” Lydian looked at her expectantly.

Melody’s fat face looked frustrated and pleased at the same time, she looked at the ceiling as if stuck between wanting to have hot sex on the couch and fill her stomach with his amazing chocolate pie. Internally she decided she wanted both.

“I’ll get the pie!” he said before she could answer and ran as fast as he could towards the kitchen. A series of loud noises echoed from kitchen number two. A clang of an oven tray, and draw banged open and closed again, a swear word echoed which made Melody giggle.

“Everything all right?” she called.

“Couldn’t find oven mitts,” he reappeared holding the pie tray with his bare hands, grimacing as he ran back towards the couch.

Melody cringed with concern.

He quickly placed the tray down on the side table next to her, “I’m okay, wasn’t that far to run,” he reassured as he nursed his slightly burnt hands.

“Ouch sweetie!” she said sighing and shaking her head, but her initial concern was quickly washed away as her nostrils came into contact with the sweet aroma of a giant chocolate hazelnut, pie. There were some pecans ground up on the top as well, and white sticky icing that glistened sweetly in the room’s soft lighting. It was Melody’s turn to nearly burn her hands as she eagerly tried reach for the pie tray with her fat greedy little fingers.

“Wait a sec,” Lydian laughed and handed her large plate and cut the pie into quarters. He served an absolutely perfectly formed slice of pie on to her plate. Melody’s mouth was watering so much that drool was running out of the corner of her mouth. She picked up the slice and crammed as much of it into her face as she could manage.

It was warm, sweet, the pastry was just perfect, dividing the pie into multiple layers giving each mouthful the perfect consistency, gooey chocolate and hazelnut filling coated her tongue.

“Oh my god…” she spluttered, “Oh my god!” moaning unable to resist cramming more into her mouth before she’d even finished swallowing the first mouthful.

Lydian watched intently, now relaxed and satisfied. He always felt at peace when she was eating. A deep warm satisfied glow filled them both as she ate greedily and he watched adoring her plump little mouth and lips, her wobbling fat chubby cheeks as the chewed, gazing upon her face enjoying the display of her little tell-tale signs of enjoyment he now knew so very well. He rubbed his sore hands, they were a little more burnt than he’d let on, probably should go get some ice, he thought but couldn’t drag himself away from the most beautiful girl in the world filling herself with one of his best ever creations.

Melody spoke sternly between mouthfuls, “Go put some ice on it!”

His heart skipped a beat. Recently she’d really started getting on his case about taking care of himself. It was so sweet. Then his anxiety kicked in, was she bored enough by this dessert that her mind had wandered back to his burnt hands? Perhaps he’d made another mistake and it wasn’t any good! His mind raced as he tried to block out the negative thoughts.

Melody added knowingly, mocking him with a patronizing almost bossy tone,  

“And just because I’m thinking of you doesn’t mean I’m not completely immersed in this! And hurry back! I need you!” As she spoke she sexily crammed an extra-large bite in such that her voice was so muffled that only he would have been able to understand her. She fluttered her eyes as she continued to cram in even more pie, making fun of herself by snorting, grunting and oinking like a piggie as she almost had to choke the huge mouthful down in obscenely large gulps, “Piggie loves you!” she was just able to mouth the words at him despite being unable to close her lips because of a big block of pie crust.

Lydian legged it back to the kitchen with a huge smile. His mind was ecstatic. He felt lucky. Melody was so perfect, and she always seemed to know him so well. Sometimes she had him convinced she knew him better than he knew himself, and when she said she loved him, he believed it. He tended to his hands wrapping some ice in a tea towel. The burning sensation faded and he sighed wiping sweat from his brow finally feeling his pulse settle down. It was right at that moment he decided he was going to ask her to marry him.

As he returned to the lounge area with a warm bowl of extra icing Lydian couldn’t help but remember the last time he burnt his hands. He shuddered, that been a bad night. Alice had been so angry with him, and the burn had been quite severe in comparison. At least this time he’d been using kitchen number two and not the main kitchen on the other side of the house. Out of the five fully working kitchens in the residence kitchen two was the closest, being the most central to their living areas. Fortunately a month or so ago Melody had asked him if he could start using kitchen two for all his baked deserts because she liked that the way the aromas would linger pleasantly in the lounge and bedroom areas for several hours after cooking, a request which he was more than happy to accommodate.

Melody was now about half way through the massive pie and didn’t seem to be slowing down yet at all despite how visibly bloated her belly was.

“Oh God I can taste how fattening this is!” she moaned, sweating and panting between bites from the physical exertion of eating so quickly. She’d taken off her dress and was now only in her underwear, her face and chest were COVERED in chocolate and pie crumbs. She paused to burp for a second before cramming in another mouthful.

“Want you! Now!” she almost yelled sending a few crumbs flying.

Lydian slid up beside her on the couch and began squeezing her fat making her moan. She fumbled with his shirt trying to pull it off, he removed it in a flash, then she fumbled desperately with his belt buckle, trying to get her fat stubby fingers into his pants. He took them off too, but before he’d even finished stepping out of his pants, her chubby fingers had pulled his jocks down too. Before he knew it she’d wrapped her soft plump hand around his erect cock and was pulling him towards her. She made him plunge it into her fat, pulling him down hard on top of her getting him to straddle her fat body. She swallowed the pie in her mouth and pulled him close for a passionate and very chocolaty kiss. Then she whispered intensely into his ear the magic words,

“Still hungry...”

She smiled as she felt his cock twitch somewhere deep in her fat. He took the bowl of warm icing and poured some on to the remaining half of the still delectable chocolate hazelnut pie. He struggled to pick up another huge slice with one hand so she took the bowl from him, thus allowing him to use both hands. Or so he thought, for when he turned back to face her again he found that she had tipped the bowl up to her face and was guzzling every last drop of the sweet white icing. When she pulled the bowl away she was wearing a beard of white icing and sporting an even cheekier than usual grin.

“SO Hungry…” she moaned breathily, still grinning, and then opened her mouth expectantly to receive the next slice of pie. She felt him twitch so hard that she couldn’t help but reach down and grab him again, pulling his cock firmly towards her bellybutton with her soft fat hands.

He was still amazed how often she wanted him to fuck here there. She called it her B-spot and claimed that when she was stuffed full it was the most sensitive and erogenous spot on her body.

She began grinding her belly against him as he thrust into her. She felt incredible, feeling him wiggle his hips against her blubbery belly whilst cramming more pie into her mouth hole. Then she surrounded him with her soft pillowy arms and hugged him against all of her fat, letting her flab surround him. Then she began wobbling her body using her arms and legs creating waves in her blubber that were very pleasurable to both of them, so pleasurable in fact that he dropped the pie.

“Shit!” he laughed, the pie quarter had broken in two, filling was oozing out all over her chest. She angled her head down and used her cupped hands to scoop the chocolate filling over her puffy chest fat smearing it all over herself desperately trying to get as much into her mouth as she could.

“Mmm, mmm, hungry! Hungry! It’s so good!” she moaned and panted earnestly, now in a complete sticky mess.

He picked up more parts of the broken pie crust and pushed them past her lips, filling her mouth until her cheeks bulged.

“Tell me!” she moaned through her mouthful.

“You’re so greedy piggy!” Lydian knew what she liked to hear, “So big and round, look how fat you’ve gotten porky!”

Melody oinked and squealed sending bits of piecrust flying from her mouth. Lydian correctly this by picking up the last massive pie quadrant and shoved it in as far as it would fit. She bit it off and he then broke off some more crust and stuffed that in as well and holding his hand over her lips which forced her to chew and swallow a little faster. Melody loved it when he forced more into her, a powerful orgasm was building deep between her massive wobbling thighs.

“Eat up fatty, I know you can’t resist my cooking! You just eat, and eat, and eat, like an unstoppable gluttonous piggy! No wonder you’re getting so huge!” he teased.

“Oh fuck, you’re making me so fat! I still can’t believe you’ve plumped me up by over a hundred and eighty pounds!” she moaned staring directly into his eyes.

“It’ll be closer to two hundred by the end of the month fatty!” his seductive tone made her pie muffled moans even louder, “This pie would have to be one of the most fattening deserts I’ve ever made! I swear I can feel you getting fatter already!” he crammed more pie into her face and then grabbed a big thick armful of her belly fat and jiggled and squeezed sending tidal waves of fat crashing all over her body.

“Oh god! I am getting fatter! I can’t stop eating!” she yelped in a high-pitched voice, still swallowing more pie, “Your food is too tempting! I’m such a greedy fat girl! I can’t help it! I just keep getting fatter, and fatter, and fatter…” she felt him twitch and the first droplets of moisture gush into her bellybutton.

“And fatter!” he added the pitch of his voice rising, she bit her lip and moaned.

“And fatter!” she cried again, her voice trembling. With every mouthful she swallowed she could feel him stiffen inside her bellybutton.

Then together they began in unison almost like it was a chant as they built towards a climax,

“And fatter! And fatter! And fatter! AND FATTER! AND FATTER!”

She threw her head back the remaining pie rolling down her chest getting stuck between her huge round breasts. Both their hands were madly grabbing her fat, squeezing and jiggling her all over. The waves of fat massaged her inner thighs which pressed tightly against her fupa sending it jiggling as she came, and came, and came. Jiggling, wobbling waves travelled through her belly fat, the motion of her flesh massaging the full length of his shaft, crammed so deep and tightly inside her as he gushed and gushed.

They lay together cuddling, with him still inside her bellybutton for a while, covered in big sweaty sticky chocolate mess and not caring even the slightest bit.

Lydian was so exhausted he could have dozed right there and then, but a rather loud gurgling noise vibrated the huge fat belly upon which he was laying. It made Melody giggle.

Lydian reached down into a compartment at the side of the couch. It sprung open with a gush of steam. He reached inside and pulled out a jumbo-sized washcloth. It was hot and slightly damp. Melody closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations as he wiped away all the chocolate and crumbs. There wasn’t actually as much of a mess as it looked, just a thin layer of chocolate filling smeared over her chest face and neck, and some crumbs. Not much of the pie had escaped Melody’s greedy mouth. She probed the inside of her mouth cleaning any trapped fragments, still savouring the delicious taste of his desert, quite amazed that the flavour could remain so fresh and exciting even after consuming so much of it. This was a recipe the two of them had worked very hard on, testing the ratios of chocolate, hazelnut, and various sugars and spices, and this new piecrust was simply perfect. Crispy in texture but just seemed to melt away after one or two chews with a delicious almost salty butter aftertaste that reset her tastebuds, making her crave the next bite of sweet filling and sweet gooey icing. Doing her bit to assist his art she tried to think critically about the taste but her mind was too euphoric to find any real fault.

As Lydian cleaned the last of the chocolate from her face she finally thought of something that could be improved. Her eyes snapped open, sparkling in the light of the chandeliers,

“You know there was only one problem with that pie,”

Lydian’s eyebrows raised in concern, “Problem?”

“Yeah, there wasn’t enough! I bet I could have eaten more. You’ll have to make a bigger one next time!” she said with a laugh.

Lydian smiled craftily, “Well… Actually… There’s another one still warm in the oven, I was hoping you’d like to go for seconds in a bit?”

Melody’s face lit up, her eyes simply shone with excitement,

“Oh fuck yes!”

Several hours and several orgasms later the two of them were laying in bed exhausted. Melody’s huge dome of a belly rose and fell with every laboured breath. She’d really done it this time, never in her life had she dreamed she could eat so much all at once. When she went to the bathroom a short while ago her belly felt so heavy, and was so painfully full that she had to call for Lydian’s help to get up again. He helped her waddle slowly over to the bed, feeling the thud of her heavy footsteps on the floor as she lumbered along.

As she lay there, Melody’s thoughts returned to earlier that day when she broke the scale.

“Hey, I still don’t know exactly what I weigh!” she said out loud suddenly.

Lydian switched on a reading lamp and sat straight up in bed, looking a little concerned, “I told you about one hundred and eighty!”

“Yeah but how can you be so sure, I want to see for myself!” she pouted, the she added with a whisper, “It’d be hot!”

Lydian remained silent, which annoyed Melody a little. She continued,

“Anyway what kind of feeder are you not to have a decent set of scales around? And another thing why are there no full-length mirrors in our bedroom? I saw my full reflection upstairs today and I couldn’t believe how much fatter I looked. Now I just want to stare at myself in the mirror, to see how swollen my belly is but it’s all the way upstairs! Now you may be the most talented feeder on the planet but, no scales? No mirrors? What gives?” Melody pouted playfully, but her eyes gave away the fact that she was genuinely curious.

“Well…” began Lydian seriously followed by quite a long pause, then he changed his tone to match her playfulness, “Well, actually I had no idea you were so vain!”

He took her chubby cheeks in his hands and made her lips mouth words as he spoke in mockingly high voice, “Look at me I’m so fat and pretty! I just want to stare at my reflection and see hot how and fat I am!”

Melody laughed, struggled to fight him off in her bloated state, “Hey! Stop it! Haha!”

Lydian laughed, “Ok then beautiful. Mirror, added to tomorrow’s todo list. And as for how much you weigh, I know exactly how fat you should be cause I’m cooking all your food, and who says I don’t have decent scales! Maybe you’re just not heavy enough to use them yet,” he teased giving her a peck on the cheek before lying down again.

“Ooh! That’s kinky, I like that!” said Melody approvingly with a giggle.

“Well if I’d known you were that into numbers I would have kept you up to date, although after the fun we’ve had today I have to say there may have been some benefits to you only just realising what a fat-ass you’ve become,” he chuckled.

Melody laughed, “I guess I can’t argue with that.”

A moment of silenced passed.

“Hey what were you going to say before?” she asked quietly.

Another moment of silence passed so she nudged him hard with her elbow to make sure he heard her.

“Oww!” he complained.

“Well it’s rude to ignore a question, you know how much I hate that,” Melody said feeling justified.

“I wasn’t ignoring, I was thinking of how to answer it,” Lydian replied meekly.

“How about honestly? It doesn’t require any thinking,” said Melody sarcastically.

Lydian sighed, “Sorry, okay, geese, nothing gets past you does it!”

“Well I’ve got to stay on my toes dating someone as clever as you. You geniuses can be a shifty bunch,” said Melody poking turning her head to poke out her tongue at him.

“Right that’s it!” Lydian said with a laugh and went for the most ticklish spot down Melody’s side between two of her fat rolls.

Melody laughed and then screamed, “Nooo! Hahah! I’m too full! Don’t! I’ll puke I swear! I’m sorry! I take it back! Hahaha!”

He relented and gave her a short kiss on the lips instead. They lay together silently for another moment. Melody rolled her eyes still waiting for her answer. She trusted his intentions completely but sometimes getting an answer out of him was like getting blood out of a stone. Fortunately, she had become an expert at probing him for information.

She faked an obvious cough whilst muttering the words, “Still waiting!”

She heard him breath out to suppress a laugh.

“Sorry I’m still just trying to find the words…”

Melody stroked his hair, “Let me guess, something to do with Alice,” she said knowing full well his ex-wife was a sore spot for conversation.

“She made me get rid of all the full length mirrors once she decided she needed to lose weight,” he sighed, “I know it’s stupid but I guess part of me was still worried you’d suddenly react like her if you saw your own reflection and realised how fast you were gaining, not that I was trying to keep it a secret from you or anything.”

“Well it’s not like I hadn’t noticed, I’ve outgrown ALL of my old clothes. And you know Alice isn’t like us. She’s not into… kinky fat,” Melody patted him on the head with a giggle.

“Well she used to SAY she loved being fat, when we were younger. She always described herself as big and beautiful, and that more of her meant there was more to love. I didn’t know she didn’t really like being so huge,” he sighed.

“Well it’s not for everyone,” said Melody matter-of-factly, “and I’m not everyone.”

She stretched out her pudgy arm and cupped the back of his head in her chubby hand, “You know, for a genius you can be kind of dense sometimes.”

Lydian hugged her tightly only barely able to reach around her bloated form, “I just don’t want to make any mistakes with you. I’m still scared that eventually you’ll get too big and want to stop one day, and I’m not sure that I can. These compulsions to cook, to tempt you with food, I don’t know if I can control them. In fact I’m quite certain I can’t control them, sometimes I wonder if I’m actually insane, or perhaps my Mother’s nonsense was actually the truth and I have been cursed or something. Whatever the cause is, I know I can’t control it, which means someday I might lose you the same way I lost her. It’s unbearable to imagine.”

“So don’t imagine it! Anyway, first of all, I could never get ‘too fat’,” Melody made inverted comma signs with her fingers for added emphasis. She traced her finger around his ear and then tugged on it gently.

“Second of all, listen closely. I want to get CRAZY FAT! I don’t just want to break the record for world’s fattest woman, I want to flatten it! I want circus fat ladies to stare at me and be amazed at how fat I am! I’m not worried about losing mobility, I look forward to it! It’s going to be a lot tougher on you than me believe me, but I already know that you would never let me down. And even if I did reach a point where I decided I really was fat enough and it would be insane to continue, I would still never really want you to stop feeding me like this, not ever! Even if I kicked and screamed that I’m too fat and need to stop gaining, deep down I know it would be a lie,” then she whispered earnestly, “In fact if I ever do decide I want to stop eating and growing like a piggy, I’m counting on you not to let me!”

He blinked at her twice incredulously, “You’re serious aren’t you?”

She grinned, slowly dragging her plump index finger down his chest and drew a circle around his nipple,

“You want to go again?”

He replied by rolling over and kissing her. She struggled to part her massive thighs, “Ugh, my legs feel so heavy. Be careful of my belly, I’m SO stuffed,” she moaned seductively.

Despite the marathon night of hot sex they’d already had, they both came within minutes, simply staring lovingly into each other’s eyes silently mouthing the words, “And fatter! And fatter!” over and over.

Just before Melody drifted off to sleep she squeezed his hand, “Goodnight my love,” and then added with a chuckle, “Wake me in a couple of days when all this chocolate pie has digested.”

Lydian stared at the ceiling wondering how he got to be so lucky in life. He gazed upon Melody’s gorgeously fattened form as she slept and whispered to himself, “I sure hope you know what you’re getting yourself into,” and then he closed his eyes and added “‘cause I’m not sure I do.”

Regardless, Lydian slept more soundly than he had in years as his mind sorted through the day’s events. He had so many things to organise. So many problems to solve, but he was in love and felt like he could achieve anything, even the impossible.

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The Prince’s Past

Melody was already impressed, for her first date with a man she had met online only days ago she had to admit she felt a little swept off her feet. His name was Lydian, and their phone conversation the previous night had been comfortable and full of laughter as they each shared a glass of red wine over the phone.

Melody was more than just a little plump these days, and her often wore exceedingly tight clothing to make it clear that she made no apologies for her size. She often liked to let her sizable belly hang playfully over the waistline of her pants which, loving that it would jiggle more than just a little with any sudden movements she made. She especially enjoyed it when she occasionally caught someone glancing down at it.

Lydian had already confessed his love for fat girls, the fatter the better. He seemed to have travelled a lot for a young man, and at some point during their phone conversation Melody joked that he must be quite rich and that she liked that in a man, he coyly replied that in that case he couldn’t even begin to tell her how rich he really was which made her laugh some more. After another glass of wine Melody had gotten quite flirtatious about her eating habits over the phone with him and began listing all her favourite foods in her silkiest sexiest voice, bragging about how much food she could put away, proudly boasting that earlier in the week she had actually managed to finish the $500 Monster Burger Challenge at her favourite local steakhouse. At first she’d actually been quite annoyed when bachelor extended her a dinner invitation. This was mainly due to him dismissing her claims of prize-winning gluttony as “nothing” and boldly declaring that his cooking was most certainly far superior when compared to the plain and boring food she’d find in even the finest restaurants.

Melody felt it a little arrogant of him when he tried to assure her that after tasting his cooking she wouldn’t be able to help but beat her own personal eating record without even trying! She had scoffed at his claims remembering clearly just how full she’d felt that night after finally finishing the Monster Burger. It was a tough challenge and she only made it by the narrowest of margins. She’d even gotten a large round of applause from all the steakhouse staff as she was awarded her $500 prize, having earned the honour of being the first woman to have ever beaten the challenge. Realising how much that accomplishment meant to her made her giggle internally, as honestly it was one of the proudest moments of her life. How dare this guy belittle her achievement! Being a little drunk and slightly annoyed at Lydian’s bravado she rejected his invitation and told him she wasn’t interested in someone who would over-exaggerate so wildly, and that she now doubted his stories of travel and his supposed wealth.

After hanging up the phone Melody rubbed her rather large belly smiling to herself remembering how bloated and swollen it had been after earning her achievement of gluttony. When leaving the steakhouse that night she’d had to lay down on the back seat of the taxi all the way home because she was too stuffed to be able to sit upright. A hot flush came over her as she remembered staggering up her driveway feeling like a big waddling swollen balloon. She’d never felt so horny in her entire life. No boyfriend had even come close to arousing her that much. She remembered how she stripped naked and lay back on her bed, groaning with a big smile on her chubby face as she rubbed and massaged her poor completely swollen belly. Melody bit her lip as she remember the hours of self-induced passion that had followed that evening after she had discovered, to her sheer delight, that she could make herself cum over and over all night long simply from vigorously squeezing and massaging her overstuffed bloated belly! She couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to feel so full, fantasizing about how fat she’d get if she ate like that every day. She’d lost count of how many orgasms she’d enjoyed that night whilst staring at the curve of her dome shaped belly in the mirror, almost taught with food, rising and falling with her breathing, it’s thick layer of fat wobbling as she desperately tried to ease some of the discomfort of being so fully stuffed.

The morning after her phone call to Lydian, Melody found a message from him in her Inbox. She opened it dubiously, but was surprised to find a rather heartfelt letter of apology. He said he was truly sorry to have insulted her taste and capacity for fine food, and that he was only meant to assert how passionate he was about his cooking, and how if someone like herself who enjoyed the benefits of plentiful quantities were to evaluate his culinary skill to their liking, how proud he would be. The letter finished with his hope that she would like to call him again someday. In his signature was a link to his facebook page.

Melody was a little more than curious. She spent a little time doing some friendly snooping on Lydian’s profile, and perving on his clean cut good looks she had to admit to herself. Whilst he certainly looked sharp in an Armani suit he looked even better in his bathers, and if that was his swimming pool he certainly appeared to live quite a luxurious lifestyle. She browsed an album titled “Pool Pics.” Suddenly a photo of a teenage Lydian in some very tight speedos raised her eyebrows. She read the photo’s caption,

“Here’s me nearly 10 years ago about to attempt a double backflip off my new 10m diving board. As predicted by Alice, it didn’t end well LOL!” In the background was a rather fat blonde girl sunbathing in a rather skimpy bikini, her fat rolls were almost completely hiding the bottoms. Even more interesting to Melody was that the girl appeared to be absolutely surrounded by food. Platters of cheese and wine, a plate of sushi, other assorted snacks and nibbles, were all placed in arms reach around her deck chair, meanwhile she looked like she was rather enjoying a large choc-fudge covered ice-cream cone! Melody had to admit this girl looked a bit like herself, only much, much fatter. Same blonde hair and a slightly pink-ish hue to her skin. Melody imagined that she was looking at a photo of her future self and it was so uncanny it gave her goose bumps as well as pleasing warmth between her thighs.

Melody chuckled to herself, lucky bitch! So who was this Alice? Some lucky high-school sweetheart of his? Melody had never had a serious feeder boyfriend, only handful of casual flings. Whilst they had been fun, but now at twenty-four she was hoping for something more long term, mainly because it meant she could start planning her life towards the goal of becoming as huge as she imagined herself in dreams and fantasises. Curiosity got the better of her and she searched his profile for more references to this Alice girl. As she found more and more picture Alice got bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Melody grinned to herself, maybe he wasn’t exaggerating about his cooking after-all!

Melody’s grin quickly faded though and she became disheartened upon learning that Alice was in fact Lydian’s ex-wife of seven years. This was a part of the conversation he’d conveniently left out in their phone call. When Melody had asked him if he’d ever been with a feedee before he’d said no, what was the deal? She saw a comment from Alice under one of Lydian’s photos saying “My sexy half!” and clicked on the link and watching eagerly as the profile loaded. The woman’s profile stated she was twenty-seven years old, divorced, and then her profile pic loaded and by god she was enormous! From her photo she looked to be at least five hundred pounds, quite possibly more! Melody’s heart skipped a beat. She swooned imagining herself at that size, how hot it would be. Then she read the caption on the photo, which read “first 100lbs gone, so proud of myself! Can’t wait till I’m thin enough to wear all my designer dresses again!” Melody was now thoroughly intrigued. Melody snooped a few more photos scanning the captions, “Ex-hubby’s money finally going towards something useful!” under a picture of Alice and a personal trainer. Another showed a bowl of salad and a diet shake saying, “Sigh, my new diet  can’t deny how much I miss his cooking.”

Holy shit this girl didn’t even appear to be feedee and he’d managed to help her get this fat?! Melody was puzzled, did he manipulate this poor woman into gaining weight for him? Surely he wouldn’t have sent her a link to his facebook page if he had something hide, or maybe it was an accident and he forgot about the link in his signature? Melody frowned for a moment. Deciding she didn’t want to take any changes with a douchbag. She opened a new message window to Alice and began typing. She introduced herself and asked about Lydian, and whether it would be wise to accept a dinner invitation from him. It wasn’t long before she received a rather detailed response. It read,

Hello nice to meet you. Regarding my ex-husband, I’m very glad you thought to ask me about him. Listen, I know Lydian seems like a great guy, and he really is in so many ways. He’s a true prince of a man not only in name but also in his generous nature, and in seven years of marriage I never once saw him even so much as wish another person malicious intent, but do consider it my duty to warn you that he’s not all that he seems and share with you a few things about our marriage.

Melody was even more puzzled and curious, and what did she mean by a prince not only in name, did he come from a royal family?

Lydian and I were high school sweethearts and right from the start. I was crazy about him and he always treated me with such love and kindness. I had been an orphan from the age of fifteen, and I couldn’t believe my luck that such a handsome boy, kind, and funny, let alone a prince would fall in love with me. It was like something out of a fairy tale. He always tried his hardest to cheer me up and make me happy. And I was, very happy, for a good many years with him. Even at the end I can’t say anything bad about the way he treated me. He willingly offered me exactly half of his fortune in the divorce. I want for nothing and I just want to make it clear I have no malice towards him or jealousy towards you. I’m just trying to do the right thing by sending you this warning. You see being married to him came at a very high price. What I’m about to tell you will probably sound completely crazy but I feel like I have a responsibility to tell you.

The only problem with Lydian is that he’s obsessed with food. More accurately he’s obsessed with serving someone food. He cooks and cooks all day long, and he’s a brilliantly talented cook, perhaps even a genius. I’ve never met anyone who could resist his culinary skills. Now I imagine he’s probably already told you that he likes his women big, and I knew this before we got engaged, but what I didn’t know was exactly HOW BIG he really wanted me to get! As much as part of me still loves him, in the end I simply had to leave him before I became too big to walk or even get out of bed at all!

Melody felt herself squirm in her seat, feeling slightly guilty that she was getting turned on. She kept reading,

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming him for how big I’ve gotten, not exactly, or at least I was as much at fault. He never actually prevented me from trying to lose weight, and certainly never demanded that I put on weight for him. The real problem was that he just refused to stop serving me food. I don’t think he could help it even if he wanted to, it’s just part of who he is, like some kind of an obsession.

Now I know you might think, well okay so it’s your own fault for accepting the food, well yes and no. Unfortunately for me, the more I tried to resist him temptations of food the more exquisite and delicious his cooking would get until I eventually caved. Whenever I tried dieting his dishes only got more sinfully fattening. No matter how much I begged him to stop, or to at least cook something healthy, he would always just look sadly into my eyes, tell me how beautiful I was and remind me that I didn't have to eat a single bite of his food if that’s what I really wanted, but also that he was very sorry he just couldn’t stop himself from wanting to feed me things that I would find yummy. He always said that the deeper his love for me grew, the better he knew what my appetite craved, and boy was that true.

But again whenever I tried to reason with him, he claimed was finding it as impossible to control his compulsion to cook for me, as it was impossible for me to reject his food. I used to question if he was being completely honest about this claim every day, but since our divorce I have come to trust that is what he truly believes.

I swear on my soul that there is something extraordinary about his food that makes it completely impossible to turn down. Over the years we were married his skill in the kitchen only got better and better, and I found myself becoming addicted. I would seriously challenge anyone to take just one bite of one of his dishes and then not eat the whole thing.

Now I really don’t mean to be rude, but I have looked at your profile pictures and, as I suspected, as attractive as you are, that you do already seem to have a little bit of an issue controlling your weight, and before you say there’s no way you’d ever let yourself get as big as me I’ll have you know that I was only a size 16 when I got engaged!

After seven years of marriage I had become so heavy that I started to have trouble making it to the bathroom by myself and I became very distressed, and it only got worse as I continued to grow. I could tell that my growing distress and fear was upsetting Lydian greatly, he always reassured me that I would want for nothing if my biggest fear came true. And then one morning he tenderly took my hand and through many tears told me that he had purchased a beautiful home for me on the other side of town, and that I could move there as soon as I wanted, somewhere I was going to be safely away his food. From then on we only saw each other in a neutral place, far away from any food, even then he couldn’t resist bring me a box of cupcakes or some kind of desert, but at least I finally had my weight under control.  

It didn’t take long for him to become even more terribly depressed. I couldn’t bear to see him like that way anymore than I could face eating myself to death. Eventually we began to talk about divorce, both agreeing it would be for the best if we moved on with our lives.

Honestly I feel terrible for talking about Lydian this way, but I send you this warning for his own good as much as yours. Know that his kindness knows no bounds and he deserves to find someone and be happy, perhaps if he found the right person they could help him understand and cure his dangerous obsession.

I’m sure by now reading this you’re probably thinking that I’m quite insane, or that this is some kind of joke, but I assure am completely serious. All I can say is that if you do decide to pursue him you’d better make sure you have your willpower completely in check when it comes to food.


Melody blinked, unsure what to make of what she had just read. She also couldn’t deny she was quite turned on imagining an amazingly talented chef who suffered an uncontrollable compulsion to feed his wife all she could eat all day every day. Alice’s nightmare sounded more like one of Melody’s twisted sexual fantasies.

She also felt sorry for the girl. Melody was also an orphan. She’d lost her father to cancer before she was born and a car accident had tragically claimed the lives of her mother and her grandmother only four years ago. But Melody had already moved out of home back when she was seventeen, mainly to escape her mother’s overbearing concern about her weight, and although that didn’t lessen the heartbreak of losing her only close family, at least Melody felt she had been relatively independent when it happened. She could only imagine what it would have been like to go through that at the age of fifteen.

Browsing back through some more of Alice’s photographs she came across what must have been quite an old holiday snap. There they were together in some exotic location, and there was Lydian, looking very young and cute, and Alice was, wow, she wasn’t kidding about how much she’d gained. Here she was comparatively tiny, of course she was still pretty fat by regular standards. Melody couldn’t help but think Alice looked to be around the same size as she herself was right now. She cupped a bit of her fat to mimic the way Lydian was holding Alice in the photo to improve her estimate. It was kind of a subconscious habit Melody had developed whenever she saw another fattie around the same size as herself in a loving embrace. As she browsed a couple more photos from that same day Melody couldn’t help but notice how happy they looked. The caption read “happier times” and underneath there was a comment from Lydian, it read, “My dear sweet Alice, this is the last time I remember being truly happy. I am glad you remember that day fondly.” Melody smiled and picked up the phone, she felt this guy was worth a chance. Even if this he turned out to be a nut case, at least he knew how to treat a lady.

A phone call later Melody and Lydian were chatting and joking just as they had been the previous night. Melody was very tempted to bring up the bizarre message she got from his ex-wife but decided not to spoil the conversation, maybe it was something better handled in person. He re-extended his dinner invitation but this time she accepted.

Although she hated to admit it, Melody was very impressed when a chauffer driven four-wheel drive limousine rolled up at her house to pick her up. She was even more impressed to find that inside it was decked out with large seats designed for someone many times her size, and there was with a mini fridge full with a glass window full of tempting looking cakes and deserts, and also a bottle of champagne. A note saying to please help herself and not to worry about spoiling her appetite made the blood rush to her head. Growing up, Melody and her mother hadn’t been poor, but they were hard up enough to find rich people flaunting their fortunes distasteful. However, Melody couldn’t help but feel excited as she limo pulled away. If he was trying to seduce her with luxury she had to admit it might just be working. She gingerly picked up one small cake and was amazed at the texture. So perfect! God Alice wasn’t half wrong about how good his cooking was. But part of her was disappointed. Alice’s claims of losing complete control after one bite seemed exaggerated, even though Melody was a complete glutton through and through, she still felt like she had full control over what she was eating. The idea losing all willpower sounded like a fun fantasy, but also little too ridiculous to take seriously. She shrugged and decided to eat the rest of the contents of the fridge anyway just for fun.

As the limo drove up to a large set of gates Melody looked beyond them and gasped at the size of the mansion and grounds. It was like a palace, and no small one at that. The grounds were like a botanical garden with fountains and statues decorating the landscape. As the limo pulled up to the house the electronic doors opened, Melody stepped out in awe of her surroundings. At first she’d been worried that allowing herself to be so easily impressed by his wealth might make her seem superficial, now she didn’t care. She couldn’t help but be impressed, anyone would have been. She looked around with wide eyes like a small child would on their first trip to Disneyland.

A familiar voice got her attention and she composed herself. Lydian stood there smiling warmly, the limo drove away and they were alone together.

For her date, Melody had gone with her tightest hottest outfit, which was currently an exceedingly tight blue shirt and slacks so skin-tight they looked painted on. At first she let her gut playfully overhang the waistline of her pants just a little, and then pulled it out all the way deciding it was both sexier and more comfortable.

“I must say you look even more breathtaking in person. I made these especially for you this afternoon, they’ll be your new favourite. Please, enjoy,” he offered her a rather large box filled with round chocolates.

“Oh?” Melody raised an eyebrow and gave him an amused smirk as if to say, “I’ll be the judge of what’s my new favourite thanks you,” but as soon as she popped one in her mouth the smirk became a smile. All of a sudden she found herself staggering and he caught her arm to help her regain her balance. The flavour had released so many endorphins at once it had made her dizzy with pleasure.

“Oh they’re good!” she exclaimed with her mouthful.

She took a few seconds to compose herself, her gut had wobbled dramatically as she clutched Lydian’s arm for balance, it now spilled all the way over the brim of her pants. She caught his eye glancing down at it for just a split second before meeting her eyes. She smiled and deliberately accentuated the wobble as she took a step forward. His eyes were drawn back to it again. She felt like she was in control again and her confidence returned. As they walked towards the house he talked and she listened, or more accurately she ate all of the chocolates whilst nodding. He told her of his ancestors who build the palace centuries ago in France and then had it shipped around the world brick by brick and rebuilt where it now stands only a few decades ago. He of course wasn’t happy with interior and had the whole inside redone, mainly so that his ex-wife could be more comfortable.

“Ex-wife?”  Melody enquired feigning ignorance.

“Yes for seven years, we’ve been divorced for three now,” he said as he opened the main doors of the house.

Immediately the smell of bacon seemed to permeate Melody’s being. Her mouth watered. She reached for another chocolate subconsciously a little surprised to discover she’d eaten the whole box already. Noticing this, Lydian opened a hotplate that for some reason was positioned in the foyer. Without missing a beat he held out a strip of bacon for her and she smiled mouthing the word thank you as he placed it into her mouth.

Haha, this is crazy! Melody thought internally never expecting to succumb to anyone’s advances this quickly. Then the flavour of the bacon hit, something about the oil, or an unidentifiable spice, or combination, of flavours, cinnamon? No. Oregano? No. The flavour danced around her mouth so quickly she couldn’t pinpoint it.

“What is …” she had to chew and swallow before finish her thought, “So good!”

He took her plump hand and squeezed it gently to show his approval and excitement. She found herself squeezing back.

He led her forward two steps and fed her another slice of bacon. To Melody’s surprise the floor started moving and she realised she was standing on an electric moving walkway, another creature comfort for his ex-wife’s benefit she assumed.

Melody would have expected to feel awkward as she rolled along on the walkway whilst he walked normally along beside her holding her hand. As they approached the next room she caught a glimpse of a gigantic wedding cake that went from floor to ceiling and gasped.

“Oh not yet,” Lydian smiled, “It’s too early for cake, that is for later,” he smiled with a wink.

“Huh?” Melody was suddenly snapped out of her bacon induced daze, “Later? This is just our first date buddy, don’t get any ideas!”

Lydian tilted his head to one side and looked at her in puzzlement, like he didn’t understand, “It’s only cake. I meant it’s a work in progress, I’ll show you it later,” he said. Melody looked into his dark brown eyes and suddenly wanted to take back what she’d just said. He almost had the demeanour of a wounded puppy dog, a really cute one too.

She smiled and squeezed his hand, “I mean…” her thought was cut short from a new aroma coming from up ahead. He smiled and escorted her from the walkway, the moment of awkwardness was past and forgotten. Now Melody only wanted to know what it was that was making her mouth water, and Lydian couldn’t wait for her to find out!

Through a large set of double doors lay a large stack of pancakes covered in more strips of that amazingly delicious bacon covered in maple syrup making them glisten in the light of two large ceiling mounted chandeliers. Decadent silverware, special extra-large sized serving implements and only one plate.

Melody was suddenly lost for words, all she knew was that she was suddenly very, very… hungry. A waft of warm air carrying the delicious aroma gently passed caressed her face, as she breathed it in she had to close her eyes and sigh, her mouth watering so much she had to swallow a couple of times. Her stomach rumbled, hungrier than ever. It was a longing craving kind of hunger that almost made her feel weak at the knees.

He pulled out a chair at the table and without even thinking Melody sat down, her large behind spilling slightly off the edges of the seat. She stared up in awe at the huge stack of pancakes. They almost seemed to tower over her. The sheer volume was making her hot, fantasies of eating the whole thing washed over her mind. Clearly that would be impossible but a part of her mind was sneakily wondering how far she could get if she really tried.

“That, is… a lot of pancakes,” Melody said with a nervous laugh, noticing there was only one plate, “You’re not joining me for dinner?”

“Oh yes of course I am joining you,” Lydian replied, “but I won’t be eating. You see, I pretty much get all my daily nutrition from test-tasting ingredients as I work. It’s a very important part of cooking if you want things to be just perfect, and besides, we’re here to settle a friendly bet aren’t we? I want to see if my pancakes can inspire you beat your old record tonight. I must say I am so glad you gave me the opportunity to prove I wasn’t exaggerating,” he said with an excited grin picked up utensils and began carefully slicing up nice a large portion to serve her, “Since you told me your best effort was the monster burger I decided to do a little field research. I went and tried a little of one, actually better than I expected for an amateur attempt, the cook there may have potential someday.” He began shifting the slices he cut up on to her plate, “Anyway I worked backwards from those flavours to make something a little more exciting to the palette. This dish was a lot of fun to make, and I created it especially for you. I can’t deny I’m absolutely dying to know if I hit the right mark,”

“You totally had me at pancakes,” said Melody nodding her head with a cheeky grin which made him laugh such that he nearly dropped the large perfectly formed wedge of pancakes and bacon strips as he put it on her plate.

Lydian then clasped his hands together eagerly. Melody licked her lips which caused his eyes to widen as he held his breath as expectantly. He almost looked as if he was awaiting an announcement at an awards ceremony, the excitement building in his face as the first forkful moved its way towards her lips. He scanned her face intently, as if searching for micro expressions that might give away signs of enjoyment through her body language.

As the forkful went past Melody’s lips she drew a quick breath of surprise. She became flushed and excited, the combinations of flavours melting in her mouth was like nothing she’d ever experienced before, it was incredible how good it tasted, how such a deceivingly simple dish could be made so well, with such exquisite balance using every last one of the tastebuds in perfect harmony, it was the most perfect thing she had ever tasted.

“Oh <chew> my <mmph> Gwod! That’s incredible <gulp>,” she moaned speaking through a mouthful of food. She swallowed and the aftertaste kicked in combined with pleasing sensation of the food sliding down into her hungry stomach.  She blinked at him in disbelief, now completely speechless. But her expression told Lydian all he needed to know and he very subtly pumped his fist in his excitement,

“Yes! I’m so relieved, when I started preparations I was worried I might be out of practise but once I got into the zone everything just seemed to come together just perfectly, I knew this one would be something to be proud of. By the way, I really love your taste in food, it makes my job a lot easier, and more fun,” he seemed to conversed such that it was Melody’s turn to speak just after she’d swallowed the final bite and leant back rubbing her belly pleasurably,

“Wow!” Melody said as she fanned herself with one hand, still shaking her head in disbelief, “Incredible! I’ve never tasted anything so perfect!”

“You’re too kind. You just wait until I’ve tweaked the recipe, that’s when the real magic happens,” he winked at her picking up a butter knife and a measuring spoon cut a small chunk of butter off and dropped it onto a pancake which he began rolling up with the bacon and butter inside. Measuring out the an exact amount of syrup he drizzled the pancake. He handed it to her just as the butter was starting to melt against the hot bacon. Melody breathed in the scent, somehow re-excited by the addition of butter to the mix of aromas.

Lydian explained, “You see now that we’ve established the main flavours we move on to the variations. These aren’t something I can guess, and are really a bit more experimental, which is where we get to be creative. Now I’ve added some butter and rebalanced the proportion of syrup, try a bite now and let me know what you think. It might be a step towards perfection, it might be a step in the wrong direction, but really it’s just great fun to experiment along the way in the quest of finding that perfect flavour. Even when you’ve been doing this as long as I have sometimes there are still surprises. Oh and please feel free to make your own suggestions as we go, I do love a good collaboration!”

Melody closed her eyes and took a bite of the rolled up pancake, letting the butter flow around her mouth as the bacon and pancake mixture seemed to melt in her mouth. She grinned nodding as the chewed.

Lydian laughed, “All right! I’ll take it that’s a win!” and he began rolling another pancake slightly adjusting the butter syrup ratio again, “Okay so let me know with this one, better or worse,” and placed it in Melody’s chubby hands. She took a bite chewed and swallowed.

“Well it’s still amazing,” she smiled and took another couple of bites, trying her best to think critically about what she was eating. Melody looked at the still huge stack of pancakes glistening on the table, her brain spinning with flavour possibilities making it hard to decide.

“I find its best not try and be too logical, just go with your… gut instinct,” explained Lydian patiently.

Lydian swooned as he said the words gut instinct. A large element warmed the large stack from underneath making them appear particularly warm and inviting. Melody had eaten quite a lot already and when Lydian said the phrase gut instinct it triggered something in the naughty part of her brain, she felt aroused. What she wanted became crystal clear, despite how full she was her mouth began to water profusely,

“Try more butter and two strips of bacon on the next one,” she said with a guilty smile.

“Oh that’s good. That’s very good, you and I are going to make a great team I can feel it!” he said approvingly and began preparing a new pancake adjusting the proportions of the ingredients to fit Melody’s suggestion. “Bon appetite!” he handed it to her.

Melody could barely contain herself. The flavour and textures, every chew seemed to reset her tastebuds, it was perfection. If she had been standing up when she took that bite she might have fallen down. She swallowed and gasped a huge breath and tried to greedily pushed the rest of the pancake into her mouth in whole go, panting with desire as she gulped it down as fast as she could.

Lydian had already taken his queue and had another double bacon pancake ready to go which she shoved straight into her mouth moaning, “Oh fuck yes!” muffled by the soft fluffy pancake.

“I think we’ve cracked it! Nice work! Now we’re hitting perfection.” Lydian said as he got to work rolling some more pancakes. He quickly made up a dozen or so pancakes and piled them on to her plate. Melody couldn’t believe it, she felt like she was under some kind of spell cramming in pancake after pancake. She could feel her stomach becoming full but the enjoyment from eating was too good to even think about stopping. She felt reckless, out of control, and if she was honest, it was making her incredibly horny as well. Her arousal only grew as she ate, and ate, and ate.

True to Lydian’s word Melody surpassed the volume of food required to finish her old binge eating record by quite a bit before she even realised it. She began to slow down from fullness. As Lydian noticed this he began changing the proportion of ingredients and cut the next pancake up into little squares.

“What a lot of people don’t realise is how much your brain plays in the perception of flavour. Your mood can alter your perception of taste just as flavour can alter your mood. As your approach fullness your brain interprets message from your tastebuds differently, so naturally it’s important to modify the dish appropriately if you want to get maximum enjoyment right to the last bite. Here try this,” he said as he handed a small square of bacon pancake sprinkled with a very fine dust of salt, pepper and some other unidentifiable spices.

Melody could barely believe how right he was, the subtle enhancement got her popping the little pancake treats in one right after another, she ate herself way past fullness, she never knew it was possible for her to fit so much in.

Finally, FINALLY, Melody was full. Stuffed to the brim, eyes closed, leaning back moaning as she held her massively overstuffed stomach.

Lydian smiled and wiped his brow with his wrist, a job well done.

“I know this is only our first date but there’s absolutely nothing like a good belly rub after a big meal and I’m completely at your service if you felt so inclined,” he offered politely.

Melody opened one eye and smiled with a nod. Lydian placed his hands on her big fat belly and began expertly massaging. The touch of his hands made her sigh deeply with relief as the bloated full feeling in her tummy almost instantly seemed transform into pleasantly comfortable fullness. She closed her eyes and soaked up the sensation. A warm fuzzy feeling seemed to spread throughout her entire body, relaxing her almost as much as a full body massage from a trained masseuse.

“What don’t you sit somewhere a little more comfortable,” he said indicating towards a pair of expensive looking leather recliners in front of a coffee table on the other side of the large room. He helped Melody to her feet and she drowsily waddled over to the chair. She sat and reclined backwards a little with her hands on her belly, stretching out such that her belly pushed forward a little way across her lap. Lydian knelt beside and placed a hand on her tummy to resume the belly rub. Melody grinned and rolled back her tight shirt which was really being tested by her current bloated state.

They both grinned as he put his hands on her naked belly, massaging her fat very sensually. Melody was in heaven. What had been twinges of uncomfortable fullness were now waves of relief and sleepy euphoria as her digestive system was kick-started into action. She accidentally let out a loud involuntary burp, and giggled “Excuse me!”

“A burp from a lovely lady filled with my cuisine is the best flattery in the world to me,” he said as he cheekily pushed on her belly again releasing another burp from deep inside her. Melody was getting immensely hot and bothered feeling his hands on her belly. His thumb snick into her bellybutton from time to time, so hot! She hadn’t been this aroused around the presence of anyone else since she’d beaten the steakhouse’s eating challenge. Her belly was one of her most erogenous areas when full, and her nipples had become rock hard and began to ache pleasantly. She gasped as she realised if he kept this up long enough she was in danger of accidentally having an orgasm right there and then in her pants! She’d better say something quick!

“Oooh! That’s really good but just stop for a second!”

“Everything okay?” he asked with a knowing smile taking his hands away but leaving them to hover over her naked belly flesh as it wobbled to a stop over several seconds. As soon as his hands lost contact she suddenly found herself longing for him to continue rubbing and playing with her belly. She looked up into his eyes and blushed, realising immediately from his expression that he knew exactly how worked up he had gotten her.

Melody spoke breathlessly, “You know when I said this is just our first date? I take it back. You’re amazing, I want you, now!” She pulled him in for a kiss. He kissed her back, the aftertaste of pancakes and probably the most delicious syrup in the world only encouraged the kiss to last longer. She noticed his solid erection brush briefly against the side of her large soft thigh and couldn’t help but sneak a peek at the bulge in his pants

Lydian replied huskily as he planted small kisses on across her neck and shoulders, “Oh I want you too! I think you are the sexiest most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I love how smart and funny you are, I love your smile, I love your laugh, and I adore the way you eat until you’re truly satisfied. And. I LOVE how FAT you are!”

At any other time Melody might have chuckled at someone for being such a smooth talker, but right now she found his words to be the most erotic thing she’d ever heard. She let out a breathy moan and kissed him again whilst fumbling for his belt buckle with her chubby hand. Her fingers were a little too fat and clumsy to get a grip so he helped her out. Stripping down to his underwear she could see his member clearly stretching out his designer boxer briefs. He suddenly jumped up and gave her a peck on the cheek and said, “Hold that thought, give me two seconds I’ll be right back,” before dashing out of the room,

“Huh? What are you doing?” said Melody trying not to sound frustrated.

“It’ll be worth it I promise,” he called from the next room along with a series of loud bangs from cupboards and the sound of a fridge opening and closing. He returned in record time holding a perfectly formed vanilla milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Throughout its texture were swirls of caramel, raspberry, chocolate, and spearmint, flavourings, each held in place due to how thick and creamy it was.

Melody looked at the dessert. The glass looked much bigger up close. She clutched her bloated tummy in both hands uncertainly,

“I don’t know if I can.”

“That’s okay, just one taste to set the mood, trust me,” he said as he leaned in and kissed her hard. She drew him on top of her so that he was straddling her, legs wrapped around her wide body, her belly pushing out into his lap and chest. He picked up the cherry and pushed it between her lips and she moaned, “I’m so full.”

“I know,” he whispered. Melody smiled seductively.

“I’m so fat!” she looked into his eyes to see his reaction.

“You are SO fat!” he said meeting her gaze as he pushed a finger load of whipped cream into her mouth.

“Tell me,” she moaned, muffled with a mouthful of cream.

“You are so fat, so full of food. My food. Full of flavour that comes right from my heart. I want you to eat it all, to eat as much as you can. It inspires me to make it perfect. Perfect in flavour, perfect in satisfaction, and,” he and nibbled her ear then whispered, “Perfectly fattening!”

Melody grabbed his hips and squeezed him against her belly as she kissed him, then opened her mouth. He poured in the vanilla milkshake. She swooned at how good it was. It was filling up every last nook and cranny of her stomach. So satisfying, so impossibly arousing to have eaten so much and still swallow more.

Lydian spoke as she gulped, “I want to nourish your fat. Give you calories with love. I want the love I put into my food to become your body. To fill you up with my love making you fat, fat, and fatter than ever with desire. I’ve never met someone who was so unashamedly gluttonous.”

His words only seemed to drive Melody to gulp even faster, her grunts and moans of desire egging him on to say more,

“I love the way your cheeks bulge as you stuff your chubby face, so perfectly greedy. Your belly is so full, all that food digesting away, gradually turning my culinary treats into even more gorgeous luscious fat. I swear I can just imagine you right now getting fatter, and fatter,” he was subconsciously wiggling his hips as he spoke, pressing his erection into her soft belly flesh. It was driving Melody wild, she felt so close. So close.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity she quickly grabbed at his underpants pulling them down, accidentally ripping them a bit in the process. To his absolute surprise her soft chubby hand grabbed a hold of his erection and stuffed it straight into the side of her soft belly fat. Melody guided him to thrust it deep into her thick fat rolls, moaning as he poured the rest of the milkshake. She gulped faster and faster wishing she could just open her throat let him pour it into her all at once. The shake was all gone before she knew it, cream smeared all over her red lips and a little on her rounded chubby cheeks and chins. She lay back, amazed that she’d managed to fit it all inside her as well as the pancakes.

“I knew you do could do it! So greedy!” he whispered dropping the glass to the floor where it rolled away noisily.

“Oink, oink,” she whispered with a cream smeared grin whilst pressing her nose into a pretend piggy snout with one hand and wobbling her fat against his deeply inserted cock with the other.


A loud hiccup nearly startled both of them, dislodging her pudgy finger from her nose and making every last inch of her fat ripple. Within seconds they were making out passionately, struggling to remove the rest of their clothes without breaking contact between their lips as they clutched and fondled all of her flab together.

Neither one of them was exactly sure which one of them aimed the head of his penis for her bellybutton but both were pleasantly surprise when it just slipped in. Her bellybutton just seemed to naturally yawn wide open and let him slide into its depths. They just seemed to fit together so perfectly. Melody’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened in amazement at how hot that made her. She’d used her belly button to get off before but never like this!

Their faces flared with knowing desire never breaking eye contact as they automatically began heaving and thrusting together, madly fondling as much of her fat as they could get their hands on. She put her hands at her sides, groaning in delight as she squeezed as much of her soft belly flab as she could reach into his chest and around his body. He immediately reached down and grabbed her belly’s overhanging base from the sides and lifted it upwards, and together they squeezed as much of her belly fat between their four hands as they could possibly gather into an even bigger ball of blubber against his body. Within ten seconds they were each on the brink of a huge orgasm, moaning as they kissed passionately. Her thick thighs wobbled as her legs squirmed together involuntarily, she gasped as she felt his legs tighten around her middle and sensed the first droplets of cum beginning to spurt deep inside her belly fat.

Melody’s voice squealed into a higher pitch, her climax was so intense they nearly slid off the recliner. Meanwhile Lydian gushed into her bellybutton and she grabbed his hips with her chubby arms and pulled him against her soft warm fat body, running her soft arms up and down his back, hugging him tightly, spurring him on until he could cum no more.

They lay there together out of breath for several minutes, her leaning back in the comfortable leather chair, him cuddling her fat body still wiggling his semi-erection inside her bellybutton enjoying the afterglow of the sensations.
I'd just like to say thank you to all the fans of my weight gain stories, and an extra special THANK YOU <3 to all those who have purchased something from my e-junkie store.

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To express my gratitude I've posted what I believe is one of the hottest weight gain teasing and expansion sequences I've ever written for free here on deviantart. Enjoy!

Jess' Fattening Fantasy

There's several more juicy dreams and vivid fantasies continuing throughout the rest of the story but this one was my favourite and I decided that everyone should be able to read it.

Thanks again everyone! Who knows? In my audio production capacity maybe someday I'll get the resources together to turn one of these stories into an audio book with sound effects and sexy dialogue, now wouldn't that be exciting? :)
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thanks for the watch
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Thank you for the fave on one of my classic WG! And have you been keeping up well?
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