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When Noah woke up his memory was hazy. His bakery looked like a bomb had gone off. His stock shelves were empty, flour everywhere, but his shelves were piled high, overflowing with yummy treats and the fridge seemed to be filled with bowls for fresh whipped cream and milkshakes. A green light was flashing on the ice-cream machine, now ready to dispense its delicious creamy load of chocolate marshmallow swirl ice-cream, his own special recipe. He blinked and staggered to his feet, amazed at how much food surrounded him. What did I do? Am I going nuts? I’ve wasted all my ingredients! I’ll never be able to sell all this food! he lamented.

A reply seemed to come out of thin air, whispering, sending a chill down his spine…

… she wants to eat, eat, eat it all …

He took an Aspirin and hopped into the shower to try and wake up a little better. He swore he could still hear that disturbing voice in his mind, just barely under the sound of the running water. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

…hurry! hurry! Piggy’s hungry! ...

Noah hummed to himself loudly to drown it out.

With a stack of boxes crammed full of assorted muffins, waffles, pancakes, donuts and other varies treats set off across the driveway to Ally’s house. As he approached the front door he heard a thunderous belch come from inside. In his exhaustion last night he must have accidentally left her front door wide open. He poked his head around the doorframe and got such a shock he nearly dropped the boxes.

There sat Ally at her kitchen table gorging herself surrounded by boxes and boxes of treats, only she looked quite different from the last time he saw her. She had gotten much, much FATTER! She looked like she could have gained fifty pounds over night! Gone was the chubby neighbour he was so fond of, now replaced by at least two hundred and fifty pounds of solid fat girl! The area around the couch was a disaster zone of crumpled open boxes and empty milkshake cups, and it looked like she’d nearly finished all the boxes on and around the table. Had she actually managed to eat all of the food he’d prepared last night in one sitting?!

“Ally? Oh my god Ally! Are you okay?!” he asked in awe.

She looked up and saw him gawking with his jaw wide open and blushed.

“Oh Noah I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I can’t stop!” she spoke, her voice trembling as she crammed another éclair past her plump sugar encrusted lips.

… It’s because you’re a big fat greedy piggy! … Noah heard the voice rumble cruelly in his ear. He tried to shake it off, far more concerned about what was happening to Ally. He walked slowly forward through the debris of her monumental feast, blinking his eyes in disbelief not knowing quite what to say. Her pyjamas looked like they were painted on, the buttons pulled taught against her middle, her chub was peeking out between them She looked so cute all plump and round but she was also clearly distressed about it. An audible gurgle came from her belly. Breathing hard she frantically rummaged through all the boxes surrounding her until she found one that still had a couple of chocolate éclairs in it. She grabbed one in each hand cramming the first one more than halfway into her mouth.

She spoke with her mouth full, “I just don’t know what’s gotten into me the past few of weeks! <gulp!> I keep eating, and eating, and eating, I just can’t seem to stop! <swallow … mmm oh god!> I just never get full! <munch!> Oh God what will I do? I never meant to get this fat!” guilty tears were beginning to well in her eyes as she opened her mouth wide and crammed the last of the éclairs into her mouth. She wiped some cream from her slight double chin and sucked it off her finger, seeming to breathe a small sigh of relief as she swallowed the final bite, as if the éclairs were just enough to tide her over, for now.

She lay back in her chair groaning and clutching her belly. Noah couldn’t help but stare in disbelief that she’d actually porked up to such an extent, entirely via the extreme caloric content of his food. He almost found it endearing that she enjoyed his confectionary to such an extent. He felt mesmerised by her gorgeous curves and rounded face. He couldn’t help himself he knelt down next to her chair and poked her round belly to make sure it was real. A tell tale gasp and a deep blush from Ally let him know exactly how much she had enjoyed it. Noah wasn’t sure if it was lack of sleep, or just purely his incredible state of heightened arousal, but he suddenly felt completely overwhelmed with desire.

…Heh! Heh! Heh!... the strange voice laughed slowly as Noah took a deep breath, the words that came out didn’t feel like his own but he couldn’t deny that he enjoyed saying them,

“I don’t know why you’re surprised, you’ve been eating like a pig all month!”

Ally visibly stiffened. She tried to pull an innocent puzzled expression,

“W-What do you mean? No one gains this much weight over night! What is happening to me?”

“Oh don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that you’ve been eating an impossible amount of food every day for the past week,” Noah scoffed.

“I-I… it wasn’t that much, I’ve just been really bored and hungry since I hurt my ankle is all,” she tried to remember what excuse she’d given herself and that was the best she could come up with.

“Come on, your ankle was completely better a week ago! No, you’ve been a greedy, lazy little hippo and now it’s caught up to you, that’s what’s happened,” Noah could barely believe the words coming out of his mouth.

Ally was breathing hard, clearly conflicted about what she was hearing.

“B-But this is impossible! How could…”

“What did you have to eat yesterday?” he cut her off sternly.

“I-I can’t remember,” Ally said weakly, her going face red, her knees trembling.

“Okay then I’ll tell you,” Noah flipped open a little deliveries notebook, “I made a list, for inventory purposes, because you’ve been eating up my entire stocks,” he said discerningly, “Now let me see here, for breakfast you had a deep pan triple cheese pizza, oh that’s a very healthy start to the day!” he quipped sarcastically, “followed by an entire tub of caramel chunk ice-cream, wow blubber-guts I think you just exceeded your recommended daily calorie intake right there already! Oh my god and then you still had room for waffles with chocolate sauce and cream?! Jesus fatty and we’re not even at brunch yet!”

Ally was mortified as Noah continued to reel off all the food items she’d eaten in the last twenty-four hours. It was a lot. A lot more than she expected. A lot more than she thought could have been possible when listed all at once, but she could shamefully remember every bite as he continued to read her the list. All of it sinfully fattening, every excessive dish reminding her what a glutton she’d really been. It was so humiliating. But to add to the surreal-ness, Ally could no longer deny that Noah’s sharp tone was turning her on. With every food item he listed, every little comment he made, she strangely felt herself becoming more and more excited. Before he was half way through she found herself having to stifle the odd little whimper or moan.

Noah continued to read his list with a mocking grin on his face,

“… a large sweet pretzel, 6 mini pink frosted cupcakes, jam and coconut filled of course. TWO large butterscotch cheesecakes! TWO? One just wasn’t enough ay piggy? A triple layer vegetarian lasagne with three types of cheeses! What the hell glutton guts? That thing was HUGE! I could barely lift it out of the oven! If I wasn’t so appalled I’d be impressed that you are still able to move after eating that thing!”

Ally began to moan in pleasure. Noah smiled feeling exhilarated. He scooted around behind her chair and tentatively poked the soft lower bulge of her over-hanging love handle. She moaned and bit her lower lip as it quivered from his touch. Ally trembled as he whispered into her ear,

“Six litres of chocolate pudding and whipped cream, and four litres of caramel marshmallow swirl ice-cream, you greedy, greedy, fat, fat, FAT girl!”

He slowly slid his hands under her straining pyjama top and up around the sides of her belly, letting his fingers slip in between a few small recently formed rolls of flab at her sides. Ally didn’t protest, she seemed to move her arms and shoulders ever so slightly to bunch her rolls up around his fingers just a little more.

He leaned over her shoulder and whispered into her ear,

“Too much food! That, is why you’ve gotten so FA-T!” punctuating the ‘T’ in fat so that he could give her side rolls a little pinch at the same time.

Ally gasped, her eyes were closed. He could feel her panting ever so gently.

“FAAAT!” he teased, giving her middle a big squeeze from the sides as he over pronounced the ‘A’ sound.

Ally groaned in pleasure. Her belly was so full and it needed a rub, but more importantly she could feel an intense rush of pleasure flow through her body with every cruel poke, prod and squeeze.

Noah continued massaging her gut as he spoke loudly,

“Oh you’ve been such a fun little experiment Ally. I suspected you were a glutton the first day I brought you some donuts,” leaning in and whispering, “they were supposed to last you till the rest of the week porky!” and then speaking normally, “but I never imagined you’d become such an out of control gluttonous mess! Christ look at all this blubber! This is shameful!” he sunk his fingers into her soft rounded belly hard like a claw. Ally gasped, and then began to moan involuntarily as he gave it a shake.

“Hahaha! How disgusting! Look how much of you jiggles when I do that!” he laughed, continuing to shake her belly with one hand and pointing out various places on her arms, hips, buttocks and legs that were sent rippling by poking or pinching them.

Ally was trying to clear her head and make sense of all this. She’s had so many weird sex dreams in the past week that she been wondering if she’d just dreamed eating all that wonderful food. But with Noah’s hands around her middle squeezing, grabbing, shaking, moulding her fat into different weird shapes of folded and bulging flesh, regardless of how impossible it seemed, she knew she’d definitely put on a lot of weight very quickly. Most of all she wasn’t completely unhappy about it. Right at this moment the embarrassing thrills seemed to outweigh the negatives.

Noah snapped the over taught waist of her pyjama pants with his thumbs showing that there was almost no give in the elastic saying,

“Well these won’t last much longer will they? They’re just not made to contain a girl of your size!” with a grin, before proceeding to wrap his arms around her middle, cupping his hands under her belly, bouncing it up and down like he were gauging its weight.

“Such a shame for someone so beautiful, what a complete and absolute butter ball you’re becoming,” he said shaking his head disapprovingly,

“All this,” he said holding her belly up in the air, “is completely unacceptable!”

Ally gasped as he dropped her belly and it bounced in her lap. She wasn’t accustomed to this amount of fat on her body at all. Every bounce, every jiggle came as a shocking surprise. She couldn’t believe how fat she really was. This had to be a dream surely. She felt positively huge. She was fatter than she’d ever been as a child or teenager. A lot fatter. She still could barely believe it.

“You have got to learn some serious self control before you end up as big as a house!” Noah scolded her, gently giving her a smack on the side of her belly sending a definite wave from left to right across its surface.

“That’s clearly the problem. Lack of willpower and self control,” he said in a patronizing voice.

“B-But you’re the one who keeps bringing me… food,” she found her mouth began to water just at the mention of the word and actually had to pause to allow herself to swallow.

Noah laughed at his, “Oh really? Typical fat girl, blaming other people, Blaming the food, blaming her metabolism, blaming everyone except herself for the fact that she’s turned into a Big!” he poked her belly firmly,

“Fat!” he pinched her chubby arm quite hard,

“Round,” he squished her chubby cheeks together and shook them till her face wobbled.

“Disgusting!” he used his thumb and forefinger to grab a roll of fat down her side and jiggled it, screwing up his nose in a mocking smirk.

“Obese!” he put his hand on her thigh and wobbled it mercilessly.

“Whale!” he gave her seat filling rear a smack causing her pyjama pants to creak audibly under the strain of it wobbling.

Ally was speechless. Her natural impulses to punch him or at least throw him out were being completely subdued by the overwhelming rush of excitement she felt from his teasing. She was so aroused she couldn’t think straight. Noah just smiled at her like he was deep in thought. Ally smiled back nervously, trying to get her heavy breathing under control.

“I have an idea,” he said, “let’s test that willpower of yours shall we?”

He began walking towards the boxes he dropped on the way in. Ally’s face froze and the colour left her cheeks. An audible hungry sounding growl emanated from her tummy despite the fact that it was already stuffed full with a monumental amount of food. He brushed the empty boxes onto the floor and began stacking the new ones at the edge of the table right under her nose.

“Uh… seriously, I can’t eat another bite, I’m full!” she said nervously drumming her pudgy fingers on the edge of the table.

“Well then this will be easy for you then won’t it?” he smirked continuing to stack the boxes until the table was full.

The very second the first box was opened Ally’s face lit up. Her concerned expression vanishing, her eyes sparked as they gazed upon the latest smorgasbord of sinfully sweet and fattening treats placed in front of her. She gazed at a selection of muffins and pies longingly, already licking her lips in anticipation, her mouth watering from the delicious aromas wafting under her nose.

Across the rest of the table there were more cakes and pastries, a wide selection of donuts, chocolates, brownies, a large sugar dusted sponge cake topped with chocolate-coated bananas, a big cheesecake topped with sweet crystalized cherries, and a huge bowl containing enough whipped cream to smother the entire table’s surface. Ally could feel her heart beating, pumping stronger and faster as Noah unveiled each new amazing dessert before her. He set the last box down and then chuckled as he used his finger to place a small dollop of whipped cream on the tip of Ally’s nose. She frowned and immediately wiped it off using the back of her hand, but then couldn’t help but lick her hand clean just for the taste.

Ally was practically champing at the bit, staring across the vast array of desserts in dismay. Her belly churned angrily, it’s gurgles quite clearly audible to both her and Noah.

…it’s all for you Ally, tuck in, don’t be shy… she heard that strange ghostly voice whisper in her mind again. It was becoming an ever more comforting partner in crime, encouraging her sinful behaviour.

Her knuckles when white as she grabbed the edge of the table. She broke out into a cold sweat trying to hold back from the urge just shove her head into the nearest box and inhale it’s contents in one massive gulp.

“Well now porky, let’s see how long you can hold... out,” Noah paused mid sentence as Ally’s chubby hand had already picked up a large chocolate muffin and smothered it in melting butter. Noah’s eyebrows raised and his face cracked into a bemused smirk as Ally brought the muffin to her lips and took a bite, her fat little cheeks blushing red as she shot him a nervous glance. The flavour washed over her, her senses flooded by the pleasurable sensations of eating. She ate politely with Noah watching her so critically, taking small delicate bites, feeling her face flush a little more every time she glanced in his direction.

Noah cocked his eyebrows,

“Seriously? Not even one single second? Nice going Miss Piggy!”

He shook his head in mock disappointment. Secretly though, watching her squirm in embarrassment whilst stuffing her face was turning him on more than anything he’d ever seen in his life.

Ally had already dipped the next muffin in the bowl of whipped cream and took a big bite. Her composure of small lady like bites was dissolving as she got a taste for the muffins. Her belly wasn’t happy that it wasn’t being filled quick enough. Her eyes widened and she grunted earnestly as she crammed the rest of the second muffin into her mouth getting crumbs on her chin. Before she’d even finished swallowing it her other chubby hand had picked up a third.

Noah blinked in disbelief at the sickening display of gluttony before him. Ally clearly wasn’t just having a little taste she was really going for it!

“Jesus Ally! Look at yourself!” Noah cried out exasperated but Ally munched away ignoring him, picking up a fourth muffin with no signs of stopping. He grabbed the base of her overhanging belly flab and shook it, “Look at this! Look at all that disgusting blubber. Aren’t you fat enough already?!”

Ally moaned through a mouthful of chocolate muffin and whipped cream.

Noah smiled slyly and knelt down behind her chair again, sliding his hands back under her pyjamas and resumed squeezing and moulding her fat with his hands. He could feel how much food was still packed inside her huge stomach. He could feel it getting fuller with every swallow.

Still reaching around from behind the chair, Noah grabbed her flabby belly in both hands very firmly. Ally spluttered on a mouthful of chocolate pie in anticipation, and then sighed loudly as he began to shake it up and down. Enjoying the sensation perhaps a little too much she subconsciously pushed her stomach out against his hand.

“God fatty, you don’t even try to suck it in do you? Or is there just too much food in there to manage it now? At least try, do you really think people want to see you flaunt all this flab?” he said jiggling her fat making waves upon waves ripple up and down her front and around her sides. He pulled her fat belly around in a circular motion and then up and down, up and down, bouncing her big gut against her chunky thighs. The jiggling was maddeningly erotic. Ally’s muffled pleasurable whimpers let him know he was on the right track.

He slid his other hand down her back, kneading her soft newly formed rolls of back fat. Then he slid up beside her, with one hand on the front of her belly and one hand on her squishy behind, he began massaging her fat using his palms in large circular motions. Her sides bulged outwards as he squeezed and compressed the fat of her entire body. Her pyjamas creaked from the strain. He made sure that each time he squeezed her big belly he lifted it up a little and then let it plop back down heavily on to her thighs. He gave them a little shake too for good measure. Her large butt cheeks were wobbling independently, lapping gently against the back of the chair inside her creaking pyjama bottoms. Ally’s breathing grew more and more ragged as he continued massaging her fat ever more rigorously, until it felt like every last inch of her was jiggling. Ally gasped from the sensation.

“Don’t stop,” her voice almost squeaked muffled by pastry.

Whatever effects Noah’s hands were having on her one thing was clear. Feeling the entirety of her belly being kneaded, squeezed, massaged and bounced up and down was driving her appetite out of control. Her desire to eat and stuff herself had never been stronger. Ally tried to eat faster and faster, her moans and grunts of desperation became ever more frantic until she started stuffing pastries into her mouth two and even three at a time. Cream was dripping off her chin and on to her the depths of her plump soft chest.

“Holy shit fatty! You’re out of control!” Noah laughed.

Ally paused briefly to catch her breath and refill her bowl of desserts. Her face was now coated in cream, and sugary flakes of pastry. Her chubby arms worked fast and filled her bowl with an entire box of mini croissants coated in icing sugar filled with a delicious chocolate hazelnut paste. Ally’s trembling fat arms were aching from having spent so many hours lifting food to her adorable round chubby face. Noah saw her arm falter as she lifted a hefty slice of cake nearly dropping down the curves of her front. With one hand still playing with her fat he reached over and took another piece of cake and stuffed it into her mouth.

Ally sighed and let her tired arms fall to her sides. She just sat back, opened wide, and let herself be filled, and filled, and filled with food, getting ever more blissfully stuffed and aroused.

“Oh my fatty! You are a hungry one! Yes that’s it, eat up now. It’s not like you’re far too fat already or anything is it?” he said as he pushed a slice of chocolate cake into her mouth messily with his palm.

“Oh God Yes! More! More! So hungry!” Ally moaned.

“Steady on tubby! You’re a total disgrace! This has gone far enough, you are getting far too fat! Do you really want to be one of those girls who get stared at in the street? Someone so fat and wide that passers by can’t help but gawk in wonder?” grinned Noah as he stuffed her with more cake, still barely believing his own words.

That strange deep sinister voice was laughing. Both of them would have heard it this time but were simply too engrossed in what they were doing.

Ally was gyrating her belly subconsciously against Noah’s palm, using her own trembling hands to squeeze the fat over and around Noah’s fingers. With a mouthful of cake her eyes opened wide and she felt herself cry out in surprise. Through her moans she opened ready for Noah to cram even more food into her mouth until finally she collapsed back into her chair from exhaustion.

“So, had enough yet Fatty?” Noah asked grinning.

Ally’s eyes opened wide her face grinning and said,

“I think my appetite might finally be satisfied.”

They both grinned at each other knowingly.

“I still can’t believe how FAT you are! What have we done? You’ve gotten completely HUGE!” Noah said in amazement. He poked her belly with his index finger accusingly.

Ally still feeling high and euphoric merely giggled. Now realising how much she’d missed having all this extra fat in her life she was starting to feel a little happier about her new body. She grinned and poked out her tongue and then replied,

“Hey! Shut up! Okay I accept that my appetite has been a bit out of control and it seems to have made me a bit plump, a little fat even, but don’t call me huge, I am not *THAT* fat!…<hic-cup>” Her sentence was cut short by a soft creaking noise coming from her pyjamas.

Ally’s face went as white as a sheet. Noah’s eyes widened in awe as he felt Ally’s cram packed full stomach bulge beneath his hand.

“What the, oh no, it’s happening again!” she gasped nervously, looking down at her body in fear as a gurgling sound began to come from inside her, and the creaking of her pyjamas grew louder.

“Ally what’s wrong?” Noah asked concerned.

“Uh! Oh! I can’t believe I let it happen again!” Ally panted.

“Let what happen?” Noah asked unable to take his eyes of Ally’s swelling form, as she now appeared to be a little softer and more rounded than a moment ago.

“Um… well… I don’t know, but it started last night. At first I thought I was imagining it, it was so gradual at first but then it got worse, and now no matter how much I eat I just keep getting hungrier, and hungrier, and hungrier. I thought maybe if I just kept going I’d have to get full eventually… but ever since last night instead of getting full… I just seem to get fa…”

Her last word was cut off by a loud gurgle from deep inside her body, now overstuffed with cakes and pies and other assorted treats too numerous to mention. Her creaking clothes were most certainly straining even tighter, small gaps had formed between the buttons of her top across the roundness of her soft tummy.

“…fatter,” Ally finished her sentence nervously.

… Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s time for this fat girl to grow! said the deep voice mockingly.

Noah was speechless as he watched Ally’s fat inflate right before his eyes. Her skin-tight pyjamas protested loudly as her fat was squeezed even more tightly inside them until POP! Went one of the buttons making them both gasp as it skimmed away across the tiled floor.

“Oh God!” cried Ally feeling her fat belly surge out into her hands, bursting another couple of buttons off her pyjama top until the lower section of her belly was completely hanging out uncovered on her lap. She felt her buttocks shift underneath her and felt a few more threads creak and snap. It felt like her entire body was being squeezed into the fabric as she blew up and up, getting tighter and tighter inside the already stretched out garments.

The exposed section of her belly wobbled grossly as it bulged out under the rising inverted V of her pyjama top’s lowest remaining button. It strained the threads until the creaking button turned sideways and dug a small crevice into her fat just above her belly button. The top was lifted up just enough at her sides to be able to see multiple new rolls of fat forming and steadily thickening, the larger ones getting so thick and plump they reached all the way around to her back. There were small folds of fat beginning to form all over her body, at her elbows, her knees, the soft inner tops of her thighs, under her breasts and under her chin as her poor overstuffed body created new places to store all those calories she’d oh so eagerly and greedily stuffed into her belly. The growth slowed and stopped and Ally breathed a huge sigh of relief but was now fatter than ever!

“H-How is this possible?” stammered Noah.

“I don’t know!” Ally said shaking her head in disbelief at what was becoming of her body.

… You know why, Noah, you fed her too much! Now she’s going to be massively porky just like you always wanted… Ally you’re just a fat little glutton who’s about to learn that good girls watch their weight and only bad girls stuff their fat little faces with too much cake and cream…

The voice said this clear as day making Ally and Noah both look at each other. They’d both definitely heard the voice that time but it still seemed like something tucked far away in their subconscious minds. It was as terrifying as it was arousing.

Ally reached out and grabbed Noah’s hands and put them on her exposed belly flesh earnestly.

Noah felt his voice become disconnected from his mind once again,

“Overdone it haven’t you tubby? Made yourself big and round, haven’t you?” he poked her large belly discerningly with his index finger. As he said this sentence the elastic waistband of her pyjama pants groaned and her love handles began to spill over the top of it, her hips were testing the fabric as they widened by at least few inches. Ally moaned as she grew a little more. Noah was barely able to contain his excitement as her fat belly oozed out and around his finger where he had poked her.

“I think maybe you like being a big! Fat! Disgusting! Hippo!” Noah said sternly poking her fat sharply in various places with each word. A gurgling sound emanated from deep inside Ally’s fat, so loud that it frightened her a little. She yelped as she suddenly puffed out, just a little more, but in four distinct rapid little growth spurts causing the sleeves of her top and the legs of her pants to become suddenly quite uncomfortably tight, and then tighter still, painfully tight, and then on the fourth little surge of fat growth her sleeves exploded at the seams and her pants burst open along the outer sides of her thighs. Noah’s eyes gleamed with excitement, had taunting her just made her get even fatter?

… Yes that’s right! And I know you can’t resist. You’re going to make her HUGE! hahaha!... the voice’s laughs continued to echo ... Go on try it again! Make this hungry hungry hippo pay for being so greedy! There’s no use fighting it, you’re going to make her fatter, and fatter, and fatter whether she wants it or not… But we both know she’s going to … LIKE it! Hahaha!

His heart pounding so strongly he could hear it in his ears, feel it in his finger tips, he leaned over her shoulder, looking intently down at her flabby body for any signs of change as he whispered,

“That’s why you’ve been eating all my food isn’t it tubby? You want to be a fat!” Noah watched with glee as her soft white flesh began to increase once again. Ally whimpered in fear as her busted seams ripped open a little more and her fat wobbled as her body became just a fraction bigger and rounder still.

Ally panted desperately,

“No! I don’t wanna be fat! Oooh!” she looked down anxiously, as by saying those words she felt herself flush with embarrassment which seemed to start her swelling up even more, her thighs billowed out inside her pants, pressing and squeezing together at her crotch, ripping and stretching the material until the colour faded and the soft expanses of her flabby white flesh could be seen through them.

Noah chuckled that even her own protests against what was happening to her seemed to turn her on enough to trigger more growth,

“A bit late for that after you ate my bakery clean out of supply! Look at you now, so much blubber you’re becoming a whale!” he laughed, Ally’s face going bright red as he signalled to her deepening bellybutton to imply its likeness to the blowhole of the largest mammal on Earth. With that, Ally’s belly gurgled even louder as the poor fat girl began to grow fatter even faster! Bigger, and bigger! And BIGGER! Noah hugged her in his arms as she swelled, feeling her get even larger, ever softer, much heavier, so much rounder all at once, proceeding to knead and squeeze her belly flab making Ally blush red in the face.

Ally yelped as a seam burst down the inside of her thigh forming a hole a few inches long at the widest flabbiest part of her leg.

“Uh oh fatty’s gunna need a new wardrobe. Looks like this hippo will be shopping at the supersized store from now on!” Noah teased.

Ally’s fat filled her struggling pyjama top bursting another two buttons. Her breasts swelled and swelled too. Two big blubber mounds filling out, wobbling away ungracefully beneath her straining buttons. Her sleeves ripped down her forearms as they too inflated to a much thicker circumference. Her facial features grew noticeably softer and rounder, an exceedingly prominent double chin now. She whimpered as even her hands and feet grew fatter, getting noticeably plumper and softer. She wanted to yell at Noah to stop, she could have easily pushed him off her if she wanted to, but for some reason she didn’t. That same familiar conflict within her was surging up. She had to be well over three hundred and fifty pounds large by now and was on her way to being a four hundred pound behemoth, and yet something about it was so hot she couldn’t bring herself to get him to stop.

Noah reached up and wobbled her double chin and chubby cheeks,

“Aww, fatty can’t hide how much cake she’s eaten, it’s written on her face!” he laughed.

Noah grabbed hold of one of her rather sizeable growing love handles. It was spilling over her groaning waistband more and more with every passing second. He grabbed the equally sizeable roll of flab above it and felt it thicken in his hand, the fold of fat getting deeper by the second and the fleshy bulge increasing in mass as her sides inched outwards wider, wider, and wider, causing her chubby arms to rise up as if she were an inflating balloon.

“I think there’s more fat in one of these rolls than some people have in their entire bodies!” remarked Noah with a smirk.

Noah grabbed a huge armful of belly flesh and created massive waves whilst laughing about her being the only whale who had her own ocean of blubber to swim in. Ally bit her lower lip as the waves crashed all over her body, gasping at how much her belly could move independently of the rest of her and also at the sounds of her fat slapping against other parts of her body. Just how much fatter was she going to get?! Noah grinned cheekily and buried his face into her stomach fat, she moaned loudly as her growth seemed to surge.

The chair she was sitting on was no longer adequate. Large amounts of her fat were spilling off the edges on all sides. She blushed as she felt her amazingly faithful pyjama bottoms finally give up completely and split right down the middle of her enormous butt. The elastic waist finally snapped with a defeated thwack and she sighed as her belly flowed down to almost completely cover her lap.

Ally leant back whimpering, she felt like a massive wobbling fat-filled balloon! Only a couple of buttons remained on her pyjama top and they were creaking dangerously, the gap between them pulled wide apart showing the enticing cleavage of her adorably puffy and massively plumped up bosom. One more of the buttons popped off with such intensity it hit the ceiling. She barely noticed though as she was far more disconcerted by the fact that she was rising up in her seat as her expanding butt fat lifter her higher into the air. Along with her spreading thighs and her arms being pushed out at an ever increasing angle by her widening sides, it made her feel like a human blimp being prepped for take off!

“Oh my god!” she moaned as she ballooned even wider and rounder. The cheeks of her face grew so fat and chubby that she could see them swelling with her own eyes! Noah held his arms out around her sides and puffed up his cheeks to imitate her.

“Gunna eat that much cake and donuts ever again Fatty?” he asked grinning.

“No, please, I know… I’m too fat!” Ally felt her tree trunk thick thighs quivering as Noah shook their wobbly masses. His body was so tiny on top of hers now as he practically straddled her lap and belly. Jiggling her, wobbling her.

Ally looked down at her fuller fatter body with wide terrified eyes, breathing hard sounding like she was on the verge of hyperventilating. There was no way anyone could describe her as merely a little too chubby now. She was FAT! She was Super- FAT! Way beyond being a little too chunky, she was now completely obese! A whopping four hundred plus pound girl! Her large behind spilled completely over the edges of the small kitchen chair practically burying it in her fat. And it was creaking extremely loudly under her weight. Her belly had pressed Noah back into the table a little and he seemed to be enjoying the feeling of her stomach slowly smothering his lap despite the fact that he was telling her how ashamed she should be with herself for eating so much naughty food.

“Look at you my hungry hippopotamus! You’re getting so, so fat! If you get any bigger you could get a job at the circus. You’d be the main attraction!” Noah taunted poking her fat seductively in various places. This put an image in Ally’s mind of a crowd of people staring and pointing at her enormous rotund figure as she waddled on to a rickety wooden stage, her thickening calves barely able to support her mass as she stacked on even more weight. She imagined growing bigger and bigger until the stage completely collapsed and the crowd of aghast onlookers ran screaming.

A crunching sound signalled one of the chair legs breaking as both Ally and Noah went tumbling to the ground.

Ally cried out as the impact of her humungous butt hitting the floor created huge multiple waves of pleasure that travelled over every inch of her flesh, her body continually massaging itself in a vibrating jiggle fest.

“Oh Ally, you massive tub of lard! You’ve gotten too fat for chairs! Whatever are we going to do with you?!” teased Noah using the full length of his arms to create giant waves in her body fat, adding to the undulations slapping against every inch of her body in the most pleasurable of ways. Ally’s fat wobbling cheeks blushed a new shade of red as she imagined her boyfriend returning home from his business trip. What would he think of her now?! She imagined the look of horror and disgust on his face as Noah gleefully scooped up armfuls of her quivering, expanding fat. A bead of sweat formed on her brow. She could feel a climax building rapidly. She could tell it was going to be the mother of all orgasms.

“Oh God! I’m so fat!” Ally trembled, even her voice sounded fatter!

Ally then cried out in a series of loud unintelligible guttural moans whilst grasping wildly at her flab. Unable to contain her passion for a moment longer, with all her might she reached her huge pillowy arms around Noah’s neck and plunged his face into her massive belly smothering him up to his ears. His muffled laugher sent tidal waves of fat crashing all over her belly, and his wriggling body sent naughty ripples of fat travelling up her inner thighs as he was pressed ever more tightly against her.

Noah could still hear Ally’s screams of pleasure through the deep underwater gurgling of her soft expanding flab pressing against his ears. Even with his face buried deep in her fat he somehow managed to reach out with his hand and find an open box of frosted donuts. As if guided by an invisible force he began stuffing them into her face one after another, her muffled moans only intensifying as she gulped them down. They could both feel her weight pinning them down more and more as she grew fuller and fuller. Finally it seemed that Ally’s bottomless pit of a stomach had reached capacity. She lay there panting profusely whilst clutching her belly.

“Aww finally had enough have you piggy?” Noah’s muffled voice taunted cheekily, “Since when has that ever stopped you?” he said winking with a grin that made Ally squirm with delight.

With the last few donuts in his hand, he could barely reach past the dome of her belly and all the fat of her enormous bosom, but somehow he managed to press them into her plumped up round cheeks with the tips of his fingers. Ally was so stuffed that she couldn’t even swallow the last one, her puffy cheeks crammed full proving that not one single extra bite could possibly be forced inside her. The sensation of being so full truly reinforced to her what a glutton she had been. Her eyes darted from side to side as she felt her fat reserves forcefully increase her girth in every direction. A greedy childlike smile formed on her ballooning face as the pressure reached its peak. She began to whimper as another intense wave of pleasure built inside her with the full force of a runaway freight train.

“Ooooo” she cooed through her mouthful in a whimperingly high pitch.

Ally’s pretty eyes fluttered involuntarily for several climactic mind-blowing seconds. A huge guttural moan sent out a spray of tiny donut crumbs. They fell all over her thick double chin and fell down into the deep crevice of her neck and shoulder fat lapping at her ear lobes. In that moment she felt like the fattest woman in the world. She could feel her arms and legs spreading, being pushed outwards as her fat expanded. Her massive dome of a belly pushing out rising up into the air. Noah’s hands had grabbed two meaty fat rolls on either side of her towering belly and she could feel them thickening between his fingers. She could feel every inch of her fattening up to dangerous new heights, even her fingers and toes felt like they were being spread apart as they ballooned with Noah’s sinfully delicious calories.

Ally knew she had truly overdone it this time. She was getting far too fat! She wondered what would happen if she never stopped growing! Thoughts of eating so much she had to be lifted out of her house via a crane whilst shocked onlookers gawked at her enormous body filled her mind. Bigger. Fatter. There was more of her every moment. That thought only seemed to bring things to a head. With all her might she swallowed the last mouthful of donut. Her body creaked and gurgled as if it were struggling to find the room.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she yelped, completely succumbing to her desires to be even fatter. Pounds and pounds of flesh filled her frame as wave after wave of climactic pleasure washed over her again, and again, and again.

Finally exhausted, Ally couldn’t help but laugh incredulously as she lay there on the floor out of breath, her huge plump wobbling cheeks flushing red as she felt her hips spread a little wider and her belly continue to push up into the air. She raised her huge pillow like arms and stared at her plump swelling hands and thickening sausage fingers in complete astonishment. Even they now had their own cute little fat rolls. She hugged and caressed her body firmly as the last few drops of fat were tightly squeezed into her frame. Completely plump and full, completely round. Rotund beyond belief! Stuffed as full of fat as she ever could be. Ally squeezed her enormous body and sighed at how luscious and comforting it suddenly felt.

… Goodbye my gluttonous child. I hope you enjoyed your lesson. Now only time will tell if you can learn to accept your appetite, or if you continue to allow it to haunt you....

It suddenly felt as if a heavy presence had left the room. Noah slowly began to feel like himself again. He stared in disbelief at the sight of his adorably cute neighbour, now as fat and round as an overfed baby seal pup, surrounded by a knee-deep deluge of empty bakery boxes that used to contain all the food that had apparently made her this way.

“Oh my god Ally! Ally! Are you okay?!” Noah clambered to her side and checked her pulse, relieved to find she was just resting and not unconscious.

Ally’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled at him sleepily,

“Mmmm I’m fine. Actually I think I’m better than fine,” she moaned with a satisfied grin. Every slight movement of her new incredible body seemed to bring with it a series of other involuntary movements that were all rather pleasurable. She wanted to explore every last inch of herself but felt too exhausted right now.

Noah helped her up and helped support her, both of them grunting from exertion as the tried to shift her now over six hundred pound body to the couch. Ally was unsteady on her feet, unused to her new size. She sat down, feeling exhilarated as the couch springs protested loudly under her weight and then the wooden frame made a couple of light cracking noises. Fortunately it seemed to hold her.

Ally lay back, she smiled as all her extra body fat seemed to squish up around her. Noah placed a pillow behind her head and asked her if she was comfortable. It reminded her of the first day they met. She remembered how embarrassed she’d felt that day, and suddenly she felt self-conscious again. She sighed with tears forming in her beautiful eyes,

“Well what am I going to do now? I’m hideous!”

Noah felt his heart ache as she said those words. All those things he’d said, he didn’t even know why he’d acted that way. It was a primal urge that he’d never dream of doing consciously and yet somehow it had escaped his control.

All he knew was that right at that moment, he was staring at the most stunningly attractive girl he’d ever seen in his life. He hated to see her so distressed and he had to blink back a tear before it formed. Regardless of the fact that she still had a little cream on her chin, he had never seen a more beautiful sight. To him she looked incredibly gorgeous all round and full like this. Since the first day he helped her limp to the couch and lay down exactly where she now sprawled, he had felt so strongly attracted to her that he’d barely stopped thinking about her since, but now, it was as if her most adorable features had been exaggerated by the extra weight. Her face was chubby like an angel, her cheeks round and her double chin so pleasingly plump.

Not knowing what else to do, Noah sat next to her, took her pudgy hand and squeezed it comfortingly. His arms and hands looked so slim next to hers and she took up so much more space on the couch than he did. Her eyes darted about uncomfortably not knowing where to look.

“Hey, listen to me,” he said drawing the attention of her eyes, she looked at him and seemed to become calm for a moment.

“There is not one thing about you that is hideous,” he said, putting his arm around her and squeezing her shoulder comfortingly, “I’ve always thought you were very beautiful, but right now you are completely breathtaking!”

She brushed her long beautiful autumn brown hair out of her face and looked down confused,

“So even this? It’s not too much?” she said nervously grabbing one of her exposed fat rolls.

Noah gently took her hand and got her to release the roll. Then he slowly pushed her hand back into the roll smoothly, allowing its warm softness to envelop both of their hands.

“Yes, all of this, all of you is completely gorgeous,” he took his other hand and gently squeezed a small roll of fat between them at her side.

“Those things I said before, I don’t know what came over me,” he started.

“I know, it’s okay,” said Ally blushing with a sly smile whispering, “I really liked it.”

Noah smiled back and offered her a blanket to cover herself since she was still a mostly naked ball of blubber but she waved it away feeling too hot, from her exertions and unaccustomed time it took for her new body to release it’s warmth.

Ally smiled and blushed. She’d never had anyone touch her fat like he had throughout the events of the day. It was so strange how she had never once felt truly ashamed about her fat around him up until today.

Her mind raced trying to solve all the problems her new size might cause in her life all at once. Wanting to quiet those thoughts just for now she lit up a joint and took a long relaxing drag. She passed it to Noah as she breathed out and hugged him with her pillow sized soft arms. He snuggled into her warm fat as he took a drag and passed it back. All those nights they’d spent getting to know each other suddenly seemed fresh in their minds, making them feel close and right at home in each other’s arms.

“I was almost exactly two hundred pounds last week, I wonder how much weight I just gained?” pondered Ally.

They both looked over the rolls and bulges of excess flesh on her body for a moment, then a realisation seemed to hit them both. At exactly the same time they each confidently blurted out,

“Four hundred and twenty pounds!” laughing. Somehow they both just knew without even needing to confirm it that she would weigh exactly four hundred and twenty pounds more than she did last week.

They leant back on the couch together, the very second Ally began to relax a little her tummy began to rumble. Both their eyes were drawn to her midsection as the hungry sound became louder. Noah could actually feel the vibrations of her hunger pang sitting next to her.

“Noah,” Ally said slowly sounding a little concerned, then she almost whispered with her eyes wide with worry, “I’m still hungry!”

But behind her worried expression, her eyes betrayed the image of pure unbridled lust as she asked,

“So is there any food left at the bakery?”

Noah smiled, “I’ll be right back,” and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Ally’s face began to beam as she rubbed her enormous belly excitedly wondering what delicious treats she’d get to eat next.
I'd just like to say thank you to all the fans of my weight gain stories, and an extra special THANK YOU <3 to all those who have purchased something from my e-junkie store.

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Jess' Fattening Fantasy

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